Thursday, May 3, 2012

Roadtrip Ready: Map Covered Cookie Tube

On Tuesday, I share a fun roadtrip snack idea for your kiddos...but us parents need some good roadtrip snacks too! My favorite snack to have on a roadtrip is homemade cookies. The only problem with homemade cookies is that sometimes they are kind of delicate and sticking them in a ziploc bag for a long roadtrip pretty much guarantees that you will end up with crumbly, broken cookies before you get to your final destination. But there is a simple and really cheap solution: a cookie tube!
Start out with a Pringles tube {or three depending on how many cookies you plan on making}. My boys were SUPER excited to see these in the grocery bags, because Pringles are a treat they don't get often...only when I need the tube for a craft project:) After all the chips are gone, clean out the tube with a wet napkin, and get ready to decorate.
 I decided to use a couple of old maps to go along with our roadtrip theme. You can use any kind of paper you would like...cute scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, or even the funnies would be cute. I had an old atlas that had seen better days that I pulled a few pages from, but those state maps that you get at the welcome centers would be perfect for this too.
Trim your map to the same height and circumference at your Pringles tube, then apply a good coat of spray adhesive to the back side. Stick the paper to the tube making sure to get out any air bubbles or wrinkles.
To seal the paper {and protect it from dirty cookie fingers}, coat it well with a layer of Mod Podge.
After the Mod Podge dries, load your tube up with homemade cookies and snap on the lid. Your yummy homemade cookies will stay in one piece for your whole trip inside this cute cookie long as you don't eat them all first:)
Come back tomorrow for two great homemade cookie recipes that would be perfect for any roadtrip... especially if they are inside on of these cute Map Covered Cookie Tubes!

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Roadtrip Ready: Travel Snack Boxes

Welcome to day one of my new series Roadtrip Ready! I am so excited to share all of my fun roadtrip ideas, and few of my friends' great ideas as well. Today I am sharing a fun idea inspired by a project I saw on Pinterest. The idea behind these travel snack boxes is that each kid gets a box full of snacks at the beginning of the your trip. They get to eat the snacks any way they want...all at once or spread out through the day...but when it's gone, it's gone! It's a great idea, but I took it one step further by adding a fun chalkboard to the top. Now it's entertainment and snack in one!
I started with these divided boxes that I picked up at Ikea for about $4 each. You can find similar boxes at the hardware store or the craft store. 
I added a piece of chalkboard vinyl to the top of the boxes. I was careful not to cover up the places on top where the boxes stack on top of each other...that way they are easier to store when not in use.
Then I cut the boys' names out with  my Silhouette and added the names to the top of the boxes.
Henry got blue, Grant got green, but Eli ended up with yellow because I didn't have any orange vinyl. 
The great thing about these boxes is that you can fill them up with anything you want. That means they can be way more healthy {and a lot cheaper} than all those gas station snacks! I added a bottle of water and a yogurt in the large compartment. To keep things cool longer, you can freeze both of these. Then I filled up the boys' boxes with a variety of snacks: blueberries, carrots, almonds, Oreos, animal crackers, and pretzels. The possibilities are endless!
And when the kiddos start chanting "I'm bored" all you have to do is hand them a piece of chalk! That should keep them busy for about ten minutes a while:)
What kind of snacks do you like to take on roadtrips?

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