Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Recap Via Instagram

Date Night
 1st Picture with Phoebe
 Frying a turkey
 No trailing wheels!
 Pizza for the big {college} game:) We LOVE Papa John's!
 Being sick is no fun!
 Making some progress on the Airstream!
 Making a mess in the kitchen!
 100th day of school
 Friday night at Chick-fil-a
 Jolie's birthday party at the park.
 Haircut time!
 1st soccer practice
 Grant thinks he's funny!
 Crazy Hair Night at Awanas!


  1. What a great recap! I love date night...we need one soon! Can I just tell you how I love fried turkey...YUM :) Look at Eli just getting so big...on two wheels and a jazzy haircut.

  2. Fun!!! I love cute recaps like that. One of these days, I'll get enough photos for a cute collage to print or something? Don't you love instagram?

  3. Always love your pictures! Great month!

  4. I love instagram! I love Eli getting his hair cut...so cute! And yay for the Airstream...you'll be camping in no time! Great pics! You all look so cute and fun :-)

  5. Looks like a fun month! I love Instagram!!

  6. Eli alreay has his training wheels off?! I know he's trying to keep up with his big brothers but tell him he's still to little and that he's not allowed to do such big kid things yet.

    I love your month in review. Are you going to do this all year? It's a great idea.

  7. Yay for no training wheels! Now he can keep up with his big brothers! (PS. Don't forget the bike helmet :-)

  8. I LOVE the haircut picture- what adorable kiddos you have!

  9. How fun! That is amazing Eli is riding without training wheels, good for him!

  10. These are all so great - I need an iphone!!! YAY for no training wheels!

  11. Hello there, what a nice blog you got, you have a very blessed family, your boys are cute and your candies... want to eat them all!

    Hugs from Brazil!



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