Tuesday, April 2, 2013

March Recap Via Instagram

We started off March by celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday!
 I sorted pennies at Grant's school for their annual penny drive.
 We had fun at a friend's birthday party!
 I ran two miles! This was a great time for me at the beginning of March, but today I did two miles in 21 mins!
 Our chicks started turning into chickens:)
 Eli got a splinter in his knee....
...and it got infected which meant a trip to the doctor!
 Henry did a little maintenance on the chicken coop... definitely a job for a boy!
 Eli did not want to take his meds!
 We adopted two baby bunnies that Phoebe brought up to the house. I bottle fed them for a couple days, but they didn't make it:(
 Our afternoons were filled with soccer practices!
 Grant had field day on a gorgeous sunny day!
We celebrated Pi Day {3/14} with a chicken pot pie:)
 I made rainbow oatmeal for the boys for St. Patrick's Day...can you tell I love holidays.
 I got Parent of the Year from Grant's school.
 I spent the day in the PTO room sorting shirts for Henry's field day.
 We spent the weekend working on the garden and the fence to keep the critters out.
 We ate dinner at Olive Garden and I resisted the temptation to eat a million calories of fettuccine alfredo!
Typical Sunday morning in my preschool S.S. class.
 I made P cookies for Eli's P party at school. They got to were pajamas and they ate pizza and drank punch:)
 Henry and his friend Hayden doing the three legged race at field day.
 Easter treats for the boys' classes. I made about 70 of these cute marshmallow pops.
 Eli wearing his bunny shirt at his class Easter egg hunt.
 Onions growing in the garden.
Dyeing eggs! We used muffin tins this year, and it will be a new tradition! 
 The Easter Bunny came to our house and brought candy, swimsuits, and Hexbugs!


  1. Looks like a super fun BUSY month! You are so lucky to be able to bring homemade treats into school...our school does not allow that and it makes me crazy:(

  2. You definitely deserve parent of the year, you are a rockin' mama! Lots of fun pictures for March. Hope Eli's knee is better.

  3. Wow! You sure can pack a lot into one month! Congrats on your award.

  4. Parent of the Year?! Woohoo, congrats girly! You definitely deserve it.

    March was super busy for you, how did you do all that AND keep running? Your blog title fits you perfectly!

  5. I'm so grateful for IG (and blogs) so I can keep up with friends who are far away. Makes me feel a little bit like I'm there.

  6. I love your recaps!
    I can't believe it's April already!

  7. That looks like an awesome month to me - other than the infection and nasty meds! Its been a while - I see all is well with you and your boys! :)


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