Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Attempted Organization

This is my attempt at making a family calendar to organize our SUPER busy lives. I figured with Henry starting school and Grant starting preschool plus soccer season starting back up, I definitely needed a place to keep track of when and where we needed to be. I picked up a SUPER organized Dry Erase/Magnetic calendar from Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago. I decided to organize it even more by making color coded magnets for each day of the month. I printed out the numbers 1-31 on blue, green, and orange paper and used my circle cutter to cut out all the numbers into nice perfect circles. This way they would fit just right on the back of the glass beads without having to cut eat number out by hand.
I did every third number in blue {1,4, 7 ect} and did the same with the green and orange. I did that so each of my three boys would have certain days that would be theirs. If a chore needs to be done or if something special is going on, if it is their color day {Henry is blue, Grant is green, and Eli is orange} on the calendar then they are the one responsible for it. This probably won't be used for a least not until the boys get a little older....but I figured I might as well go ahead and make it as organized as possible while I was doing it!
These glass beads from the floral section were just the right size to make date markers for the calendar.
This was my first time to use Modge Podge and I will definitely be using it again!
Here are the beads and the paper after I coated them with the Modge Podge. And these are the magnets that I put on the back of the beads once they were all dry.
The {almost} finished calendar...all nice and organized {for now}! I am thinking about attaching some clothes pins to the bottom of the calendar so I can clip appointment reminders and small notes to it. But until then, our family calendar is up and running and hopefully it will keep us SUPER organized!

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Party Time

The Birthday Boy!

SUPER cute cupcake cake!
Party favors for the kiddos. Rice Krispy Cupcakes.
Bowl full of party favorsSUPER cute plates and napkins
Eli's birthday balloons
Opening presents with daddy and Henry.
Eli with his smash cake that he would only touch with one finger at a time!
SUPER cute big boy!


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