Thursday, May 17, 2012

Roadtrip Ready: Roadtrip Countdown

A few weeks ago, I started looking for some fun roadtrip games to play with the boys while we are driving. I stumbled upon this really amazing post by The Dating Divas that is full of great roadtrip ideas and even includes a ton of free printables. My favorite idea from that post is their Roadtrip soon as I saw the idea I knew I had to make one for our trip this summer. The Dating Divas have a really cute roadtrip countdown printable that you can write in your different stops on, but I wanted to make something a little different. So with the help of these cute state printables from The Vintage Lemon, I made my own Roadtrip Countdown!
 This was honestly the easiest project, and it is one that I know my boys are going to be SUPER excited about! I started out by printing out all of the states that we are going to visit on our roadtrip. You could easily customize yours by making it with different cities you are driving through, different attractions you are visiting, or even include pictures of family members you may be visiting on the way. I decided to do the states because we are working on visiting all 50 states while the boys are still little:) I also printed out some Airstream clip art to help track our progress on the countdown.
 I punched two holes in the top of each of my states and then strung them onto some curling ribbon in the order that we are going to be visiting them. 
 Then I simple tied the two ends of the ribbon on opposite sides of the car in the backseat. {Make sure that it doesn't hang down too low and block the drivers view...that could be dangerous!} I spaced out the states so they reached evenly across the car and then I used a small clothespin to attach the Airstream clip art to the states. As we move from state to state the boys can simply move the Airstream to the state we are in...from Mississippi all the way to California!

Fun and the boys will be getting a pretty great geography lesson too!
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Roadtrip Ready: Kid Sized Travel Neck Pillow

One thing that is great about kids and roadtrips is that for the most part kids can sleep anywhere! Seriously, I wish I was like that would make a long boring drive go by much faster. Even though my kiddos can sleep in almost any position possible when we are in the car, they never look very comfortable. They are always slumped over or their neck is bent so much it looks like it might break in half. So I decided that before we head out for our big trip, that all three of my boys {and I may get one too} needed travel neck pillows. But if you've ever shopped for one of those pillows, you know that they are usually pretty plain and kind of expensive. So I decided to try my hand at making some...and they ended up being really easy and really cheap!
I started by drawing out a pattern on a piece of paper. I searched online for a printable pattern, but I couldn't find one that I I kind of just winged it.
{That ended up being a little bit of a problem because my first attempt was a major fail! But then I tweaked my pattern a little and the second one came out perfectly!}
Once you have your pattern, lay it on your material at the fold. This will ensure that both sides of the pillow are symmetrical. You can pin and cut like a normal pattern, but I was being lazy and just used a piece of chalk to trace the outline of my pattern.
Cut out two pieces {both on the fold} and then lay them on top of each other right sides together.
Sew around the edges of the pillow with a straight stitch.
Leave a hole in the pillow on one side. You will use this hole to turn and stuff the pillow.
Turn the pillow right side out and then add in a much stuffing as you would like. I filled mine pretty tight so it would be extra supportive for my boys' big noggins:) Then sew up the hole to finish the pillow.
Now when Eli decides to take a nap in the car he will be much more comfortable...and maybe he will sleep longer too!

Do your kids sleep in the car when you are on a roadtrip?

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