Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From Mississippi to New Mexico: Day 1 and Day 2

We loaded up and headed out early on day one!
Can you see the picture of the Airstream clipped to Mississippi right behind my head?!? Moving the camper on our Roadtrip Countdown was SUPER exciting for the boys!
 We drove through Louisiana, and it seemed to take forever! I think that is probably because we were driving up the state on a diagonal which means we spent way more time than we usually do when we just drive through it on I-10. 
 We finally made it to Texas! And they are serious when they say everything is bigger in took us two days to get out of the great state of Texas!
 We stopped overnight at a state park just off the interstate south of Dallas. We had some local bbq for dinner, we slept with the windows open, and then we headed out the next morning before the sun was up!
We ate breakfast in the parking lot of a truck stop:)
 We drove past miles and miles of wind farms...seriously I've never seen anything like them!
 We made it into New Mexico by lunchtime...and we only had to make one emergency stop {aka Eli had to poop and there was nowhere to stop for miles, so he had to poop in the camper on the side of the road!}.
 We enjoyed the beautiful views and the gorgeous blue sky all the way to Carlsbad, New Mexico!
We made it to Carlsbad Caverns around 3:00 pm.
  We went straight to the natural entrance to the cave and started the hike down. You have the option to ride the elevator down and then back up...but what is the fun in that! 
 The hike down took us a little over an hour, and the hike up took a little less time than that....mostly because Eli got a piggyback ride on the way up:) On the way down we kept passing people coming up who were sweaty and out of breath, and I kind of thought they were being wimps...that was until we started the hike back up! I don't know if its because there is less oxygen down there or what, but that was a tough hike up and I was sweaty and out of breath by the time we made it to the top!

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Monday, June 18, 2012

May Recap Via Instagram

I realize that we are more than halfway through June, but I have been doing these recaps since January and I really want to continue them. Like I said before, the WiFi gods were not very nice to me on our trip, and we were high in the Sierra Nevada's {aka no cell service for MILES} at the end of May so I couldn't share my May recap with you you are getting to see it now:) Plus there is a little sneak peak of the first few days of our trip! We are having VBS at church this week which means it may take me even longer to get our trip photos edited...but I will share them soon I promise!

Henry has a fun chocolate day at school.
 The boys got much needed haircuts.
 I worked on our menu for our first test run with the Airstream.
 We headed to Dauphin Island for the weekend.
 Our first time camping in the Airstream!
 We had yummy {and expensive} snow cones.
 I worked on teacher gifts for Teacher Appreciation Week.
... more teacher gifts...
 Phoebe got the okay from the vet after her surgery.
 Grant had a constellation project for school.
 Henry got the Math Award at Awards Day:)
 I had to take a picture of this beautiful sunset.
 All my boys made me breakfast for Mother's Day!
 We spent most of our time working on the Airstream! I added this fun chalkboard to the wall in the kitchen area:)
 We had a backyard campfire with some friends.
 I tried the Doritos taco for the first time...not too bad!
 I made cute Airstream shirts of the boys....
 ...and I made a padded camera bag for me.
 Eli forgot to put on shoes, so we had to buy him a pair of flip flops at Walmart:)
 I baked cookies for our trip and put them in my map covered cookie tubes.
 I packed lots of snacks for the boys.
Day one of our roadtrip!
 We drove through Texas....
 ...and into New Mexico for the first time ever!
 We walked to the bottom of Carlsbad Caverns...
 ...and strolled the streets of Roswell:)
 Then we had a blast playing at White Sands National Monument!
 We had a small mishap with the brakes which meant an hour or two in the parking lot of Auto Zone.
 I ate yummy green chiles on my breakfast burrito.
 We crossed into Arizona!
 Setting up camp at the Grand Canyon.
 First Grand Canyon photo op...say cheese!
 I did laundry for the first time on our trip.
 We had a few close encounters with the wildlife! 
 We visited the Hoover Dam.
 And took a few pictures!
 We spent a SUPER long day in the car heading to California....
 ...and we climbed a ton of mountains to get there!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Roadtrip Ready Round-Up

First I want to say THANK YOU to all my amazing blog friends who helped out with this series! You all shared some amazing ideas! I hope that everyone enjoyed all of the posts in my Roadtrip Ready series. I can honestly say that we used a ton of these ideas on our roadtrip and they really did make the trip better! My boys LOVED the Travel Snack Boxes and the Roadtrip Countdown:) I got a ton of complements on their cute Roadtrip T-shirts, and my camera managed to make it home safely thanks to my Padded Camera Bag! Anyway, I thought it would be fun to do a little round up with all the posts from the series so that the next time you are planning a roadtrip, it will be easy to find all these great ideas in one place!

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