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Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday....

I survived the most anticipated and most dreaded day of shopping! We (four friends and myself) headed out yesterday {thanksgiving day} for 18 hours of shopping, shopping, shopping!

We walked and shopped and walked and shopped. Between the five of us we bought fabric remnants, wrapping paper, a grill, shoes, a TV, a food chopper, a ton of DVDs, toys, two Christmas trees, a watch, a lamp, 450 thread count sheets, moose munch,a couple of cups of Starbucks coffee, and too many more things to list! We barely got everything in the car for the ride home!

I would say that I am sufficiently shopped out for at least a week! Only a few more gifts left to get for Christmas, and I still have almost four weeks left to finish up....I definitely need to catch up on my sleep before anymore all night shopping trips!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas in November!

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier every year. I mean really, it is the week of Thanksgiving and all the stores have out Christmas decorations and are playing Christmas music. I swear last year I remember hearing the first Christmas song of the season while doing my annual "Day after Thanksgiving Shopping".

Annoying, yes...but acceptable. At least it was AFTER Thanksgiving! Yesterday I heard Christmas music playing in a few stores, and the radio station debuted a new Christmas song!! That is just NOT acceptable to me! Maybe someone needs to write a few Thanksgiving songs if everyone feels the need to hear "holiday" music at this time of year.

Are we eventually just going to skip over Thanksgiving altogether? I like to keep up my fall decorations until at least the weekend after Thanksgiving, but found myself taking down all of my pumpkins and cornucopias today......I saw Christmas lights and reindeer in more than one yard yesterday. I have a feeling in a few years, we will have to unwrap our turkey and dressing because "Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about?"

As much as I like Christmas, I still enjoy the fall season too!

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Daylight Wasting Time...

I hate, I mean really HATE, when time changes in the fall. I hate that the sun comes up so early and that my kids wake me up a full hour before the alarm is supposed to go off. I hate that it is already dark before we even leave to go to church on Wednesdays. And I hate that by the time Jason gets home, it is too dark to send the kids out in the yard to play with him for a while....so I can get a little peace and quiet in the house!

I can't understand these people who don't like daylight savings time.

Yeah, not everybody gets to sleep late in the mornings....so the sun coming up early doesn't bother them....But who goes to sleep before six o'clock in the afternoon! Nobody!
I love that we added a few extra weeks of DST last year. Maybe they will do that every year until all year long is daylight savings time! Much better than having to deal with "daylight wasting time" every year!
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