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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Daylight Wasting Time...

I hate, I mean really HATE, when time changes in the fall. I hate that the sun comes up so early and that my kids wake me up a full hour before the alarm is supposed to go off. I hate that it is already dark before we even leave to go to church on Wednesdays. And I hate that by the time Jason gets home, it is too dark to send the kids out in the yard to play with him for a while....so I can get a little peace and quiet in the house!

I can't understand these people who don't like daylight savings time.

Yeah, not everybody gets to sleep late in the mornings....so the sun coming up early doesn't bother them....But who goes to sleep before six o'clock in the afternoon! Nobody!
I love that we added a few extra weeks of DST last year. Maybe they will do that every year until all year long is daylight savings time! Much better than having to deal with "daylight wasting time" every year!
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