Monday, December 29, 2008

Presents, Presents Everywhere!

Henry, Grant, and Eli with their presents from Mom and Dad.
The big boys got new baseball gloves and Eli got some cool transportation pop-beads {can't you tell Eli is super-thrilled about his Christmas presents}!The boys coming down the stairs with daddy on Christmas morning.Family photo in our Christmas pj's in front of the Christmas tree
{We have taken a picture like this every Christmas morning since Henry's 1st Christmas....I am going to have to make a collage with them one day!!}
The boys each got three gifts from Santa Claus on
Christmas morning{to represent the three gifts that baby Jesus got from the Wise Men}.
Henry and Grant got a Planet Heroes Space Station set to share
with a few of the heroes to go with it.
Henry also got a tee ball bat with a tee and a V-smile handheld game.
Grant got a soccer goal and a V-smile handheld game.
Can you tell we {I mean Santa} have to do a lot of the same gifts for the helps with the "HEY! that's might, not yours" fights a lot!!
Eli got a new really cute lion ride/push toy, a neat toy for his car seat (with a remote for me!), and some soft stacking rings that I absolutely LOVE!
Henry with his new Planet Heroes Space Station
Grant with his new Planet Heroes Space Station
Eli with two of his presents from Santa....a car seat toy and some soft stacking rings.

In addition to all of the stuff the we {and Santa} got the boys, they also got stuff from their grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, great-aunts and great-uncle.
Hence the title of this blog PRESENTS, PRESENTS EVERYWHERE!
We have already made one trip to Goodwill since Christmas with some stuff from the attic and awhile back I cleaned out the boys' toys and took a TON of stuff to my mom for her to give to some people at her church. I think we may have a few more trips to Goodwill in our future to make room for all the new things that boys got for Christmas this year.
We are very blessed and the boys are really excited about all their new things, but it is so hard to find a place for everything....and I wonder if we really need all the stuff....I think the best thing for us is to give away the things we don't need anymore and hope that someone who is in need will receive them and enjoy them as much as we did.
I hope everyone had a GREAT CHRISTMAS and enjoyed celebrating the season of Jesus' birth with their families and friends!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas at our house

The kids manager set

Christmas wreaths in the kitchen

Stocking hanging on the stairs

Christmas cards hanging on the front door

Front Entry

The boys' oranaments on our tree

Dining room table centerpiece

Santas in the playroom

The kids' Christmas tree

Merry Christmas!

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rolling.... and Some Gingerbread Boys

Eli almost rolled over!!
I left Eli on the floor to play while I was washing some dishes and when I came back to check on him, he was laying like this. He had gotten everything over except for his left arm {which he didn't seem to care about because he was enjoying sucking the thumb that was stuck in his face}! I talked to him a minute to see if he would pick his head up and get that arm unstuck, but no luck! Oh well, I guess he will roll when he wants to!

Our Gingerbread Boys
We made an army of gingerbread boys the other day. We normally make a gingerbread house or something like that when Jason is off of work for Christmas. But this year because he has been working so much overtime, it was just me and the boys. I made two types of Gingerbread dough, mainly because I haven't ever made gingerbread from scratch and I wanted to make sure that at least one of the recipes turned out good. So I made cookie dough while the boys watch a Christmas movie on t.v. {I think it was either Rudolph or The Grinch}. After the dough chilled for a while, we all sat at the table with our rolling pins (aka cups for the boys), cookie cutters, and lots of powdered sugar to use for dusting the table! Someone told me the other day that gingerbread is really were they ever right. I have made lots of rolled sugar cookies before and they were never this STICKY! Needless to say we had quite a messy time making our cookies. While we were cutting our the boys, Henry asked "Where are the gingerbread girls?" I told him we didn't have any, but I thought to myself, it sure would be nice to have gingerbread girls around here! Maybe one day!
So here are a few pictures of our cookie making adventure....Enjoy!

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