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Friday, October 29, 2010

Mad Scientist Treats

Lime Jello Jigglers
 plus gummie worms and spiders
 and fun petri dishes {aka plastic tape holders that Jason got at work}
 equal a really cool and really gross
 mad scientist treat!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fun New Twist on an Old Classic

I'm sure you all remember the fun ghost lollipops that we used to make as kids. They are a SUPER simply project that only require tissue paper, ribbon, and a lollipop. I loved them as a kid, but lately I've been trying to do less scary stuff and more fall type stuff for Halloween.  So when I saw this idea a few weeks ago, I knew the pumpkin version was just too cute not to make for my boys' classmates.
I started with orange tissue paper, green gingham ribbon, some small squares of contact paper,
and of course LOLLIPOPS!
I found these SUPER sized lollipops at the dollar store for $1!
The first step is to cut the tissue paper to size. Then punch a hole in the center of the contact paper square. This is to reinforce the tissue paper so that it doesn't tear. Place the contact paper square in the center of the piece of orange tissue paper.
Insert the lollipop stick through the hole in the contact paper and then through the tissue paper.
Tie them up with a piece of green ribbon, and you have a SUPER adorable and really easy party favor.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin Jigglers

Jello Jigglers
& pumpkin cookie cutters
 make SUPER easy
and SUPER fun
fall treats
for everyone to eat!
{I'm also making another fun Halloween snack with Jello that I hopefully will share with you on Friday!}
What kind of fun Halloween/fall snacks have you been making?!?

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Candy Corn Tshirts

A few weeks ago, I made the boys some really cute and really simple Candy Corn Tshirts.
I started with some plain white broadcloth, plain yellow broadcloth, and some cute black and orange polka dot material. I decided how big each color should be and then cut strips of each material. I lined them up like a candy corn: white on top, orange in the middle, and yellow on the bottom.
I printed out a clip art candy corn to use as a template. I traced the shape onto some iron on adhesive. {You could just freehand the shape if you wanted to.}
Then I attached the candy corn shaped iron on adhesive to the back side of my strips of material following the directions on the package. After it cooled off, I trimmed the extra material away and then ironed the candy corn to the shirt.
I used my sewing machine and went around the edges of the candy corn with a straight stitch. I also did a zig-zag stitch between the different colors of material.
And that is how you make a SUPER cute and SUPER easy Candy Corn Tshirt for fall!
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Simple Outdoor Pillow Slipcovers

My attempt to add a little fall flair to my front porch continues with some new pillow slipcovers to go onto THESE pillows that I made this summer.
I really didn't want to re-sew and re-stuff new pillows for fall, so instead of new pillows I made some simple pillow slipcovers.
To make the slipcovers, I cut one piece of material just a little bigger than my pillow to account for the seams. Then I cut another piece of material with about 4 inches of extra length on one end to make a flap. I sewed the two pieces of material {right sides together} on three sides leaving the end with the flap open. It ended up looking kind of like a pillow case with a longer flap on one side. 
I turned the slipcover right side out and stuffed the old pillows into it. The picture above shows the flap that is at the top of the slipcover.
After the pillow was completely stuffed into the slipcover, I simply tucked the flap into the back.
Now I have new fall plaid pillows that took very little time or effort to make! My favorite part about these slipcovers is that now I can have new pillows for every different holiday and season without having to spend hours sewing and stuffing!
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