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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Long Drive Home and Meeting a Blog Friend: Day 16,17,and 18

We got up bright and early on day 16 to head home. Our plan was to drive all the way down I10 from where it meets the Pacific Ocean to home. We didn't have reservations for a campground for that night...we were just going to drive until Jason couldn't drive anymore and then stop for the night.
 We kept lots of snacks and big {cherry flavored} diet sodas handy to keep us awake on the way home. 
 The boys watched a couple of movies when they started getting restless and it was too dark to do anything else.
 We drove all the way through California and Arizona and about halfway through New Mexico before we stopped for the night. We ended up staying in the parking lot of a Walmart right off the interstate. I was a little worried about that, but we went in and talked to the {older than dirt} security guard and he said he would be looking out for us all night:)
The next morning we started the drive through Texas. We passed Exit Zero on the state line between New Mexico and Texas. Who knew there was an Exit Zero!
 We made it to San Antonio just before dark. We set up camp and then headed out to find a steak for dinner! We found this fun place that was pretty yummy and WAY cheaper than all the other fancy steak places around Texas.
 The next morning we headed to downtown San Antonio with a stop for breakfast at the home turned restaurant and museum of the Pioneer Biscuit creator. The boys had pancakes, I had an amazing waffle, and Jason had their famous biscuits with gravy...yum!
 We found our way to the River Walk and took a trip on one of the fun boat tours.
 We checked out the Alamo!
 Then I had the pleasure of meeting one my SUPER fun bloggy friends, Julie. She brought her boys along {her hubby met us there too} and we headed to a fun Mexican place for lunch. Can you tell that all 5 of those boys together would be trouble:) It was so fun to meet Julie...I hope we can get back to San Antonio again soon for another visit!

The next morning we continued our LONG drive across Texas. We made a quick stop in Houston to visit Jason's cousin and eat some pizza with them...then we drove a little further before we stopped for the night.
 We finally made it back into Mississippi on the 18th day of our roadtrip! I have never been more happy to see that Welcome to Mississippi sign:)

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

San Francisco, Malibu, and L.A.: Day 13, 14, and 15

After enjoying the beach at Half Moon Bay, we headed to San Francisco. The first thing we had to see was the Golden Gate Bridge...and yes, the boys pointed out that it is not golden:)
 We took a ride on the famous cable cars, and checked out quite a few other spots in San Francisco {which I apparently didn't photograph}. We drove down Lombard Street, walked around Chinatown, went to Fisherman's Wharf, and we got to visit the Exploratorium for free!
 The next day we headed down to Malibu, and the first thing the boys wanted to do when we got there was check out the beach. We camped in Malibu, but we actually drove about 3 miles down to Zuma Beach {which is apparently where they filmed Baywatch}.
 The boys had a ton of fun skimboarding and splashing around in the {warmer than Half Moon Bay} waves.
 The day we visited a ton of places in Los Angeles.
*the Hollywood sign*
 *Griffith Observatory*
They were setting up for the premiere of Rock of Ages. We didn't see any stars, but it was neat to see all the stuff set up in the middle of Hollywood Blvd.
 *Grauman's Chinese Theater*
 *The Hollywood Walk of Fame*
 *The La Brea Tar Pits*
 And we ended our day with a walk down the Santa Monica Pier. 

The boys even got to ride on that fun roller coaster that you can see in the background.

We headed back to the Airstream, ate some fish tacos, and starting getting ready for the long trip home!
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