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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hurricane Season Kinda Stinks

If you live anywhere near the coast {especially the Gulf Coast, since we seem to be the target of all these tropical systems} you know that hurricane season can be a pain in the behind. After a major hurricane like Katrina I think everyone is a little more cautious about any storm that rolls in...which was the case with Hurricane {though it was a Tropical Storm the majority of the time} Isaac. Just to be safe {and because Jason had to go to work and stay overnight}, the boys and I loaded up and headed to my grandparents' house which is a little further north and a little further east than our house....but not before making sure that everything in our yard was secured.
 Jason strapped down the trampoline and moved a bunch of stuff up close to the house and out of the wind. We also turned over the picnic table and moved all of our patio furniture inside the house just in case a big gust of wind came though.
 Jason also had to anchor the Airstream down.
 Then we packed up and loaded my car...
 ...with all kinds of hurricane stuff!
 We spend a little more than 24 hours at my grandparents' house {Tuesday morning through Wednesday afternoon} playing games, watching the weather, and pretty much having a fun hurricane party. Yesterday the storm seemed to finally be moving out so I headed home with Grant and Eli {Henry went to stay with my mom since the boys were out of school again today} hoping that Jason would be home before dark. 
However, Isaac had other plans! Jason ended up stuck at work until around 10 pm, and then he had to drive through terrible weather to get home! We had worse weather last night and this morning that we had during the first two days of the storm...flooding roads, tornado reports all around us, and the power went out {though thankfully it was only out for about an hour}!
Thankfully we haven't had any damage...just a bunch of rain and wind! But it looks like today will be another day stuck inside watching the weather and hoping that this darn storm finally decides to move somewhere other than here!

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