Friday, July 3, 2009

Applique Towel Tutorial

I have been having a ton of fun with appliques lately.
So I thought I would share some of my {non-professional} techniques, so you can make your own SUPER Cute Personalized Towel!

Start with a towel of your choice! I made one for each of my boys.
Henry's towel is blue
Grant's towel is green
Eli's towel is orange
Using my computer, I found a font that I liked and printed out an H, G, and E. {You can make the letter as big or small as you want.} You can use any font you like, but the simpler the font, the easier it will be to cut out and sew onto the towel. I cut out the letter, traced it onto some interfacing, and cut it out again.
Then I used spray adhesive and attached the cut out interfacing to my fabric of choice {make sure to attach the letter upside down so that the fabric will be on the top and the interfacing on the bottom}.
Next, I cut out the fabric letter and use more spray adhesive to attach the letter to the towel. This helps keep the letter in place so that it doesn't move around while you are sewing! The next step is to sew the letter onto the towel.
You can use either a zig-zag stitch or a straight stitch. I have tried it both ways, and they both work pretty is really just a matter of preference. The zig-zag stitch is a little harder to master, but once you finish sewing you are basically done. If you want to do a straight stitch {which I did on these towels} you will have to wash the towel after you sew it, and then trim up any of the frayed edges with some scissors.
Basically with both stitches, you just follow along the outline of the letter to attach the fabric to the towel.
And you end up with a SUPER Cute Personalized Towel!
I hope this was helpful and maybe inspired some of you to get out your sewing machines! If you have any questions or need {non-professional} help with anything just let me know.

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Photo Story Friday: Camp Out In

Last weekend the boys had a camp out....except they were really camping in the playroom!

We started the afternoon with hot dogs on the grill. It was SO hot outside that we decided not to build a campfire, so we just made our dinner and dessert on the grill instead. Jason cooked some hot dogs and sausage for us and we had a nice dinner outside on the patio.

After dinner, we made S'mores! The boys used some wooden shishkabob sticks and held their marshmallows over the grill. Not quite as good as a campfire...but it worked good enough to make a few ooey-gooey S'mores!

Jason helped Henry and Grant set up their tent in the playroom and they got out their sleeping bags and pillows! They had a great time camping....{even if it only lasted until 10 pm because they still weren't asleep when Jason and I were ready to go to bed}!

PhotoStory Friday
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Summer Fun

For more Wordless Wednesday check out 5 Minutes for Mom!
And don't forget to enter my JumpStart could win a SUPER cute towel like Eli's!

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