Friday, February 12, 2010


School is cancelled today.

Our first {that I can remember} ever SNOW DAY!

Yesterday the weather was promising us 2-4 inches of was supposed to snow here from about 8 am until noon.

That is a big deal, when we haven't seen snow here in at least 12 years.

But guess what we woke up to?!?
Lots of cold and rain, but NO snow!
The forecast has officially changed to just rain, with the chance of {one} flurry around noon today!

The boys are a little disappointed.

Grant said, "I thought we were going to wake up when it was snowing?"

The worst part of it, is that there is snow about an hour north of us....but for some reason it just won't come down far enough south to blanket us with a little bit of the fun white stuff!

So I guess we will be spending our SNOW DAY {with no snow} watching cartoons and packing for our vacation.

At least I know for sure that we will see snow in North Carolina....even if it is made by a machine at the ski resort:)

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Henry's Lunch

This was one of Henry's homework assignments last week. He had to write the sentence and illustrate it. He was very specific about what he had eaten for lunch that day. He even included his sandwich holder and the ziplock bag his carrots were in! I added the labels, just in case you aren't quite sure what everything is!

Henry's Drawing:

Henry's actually lunch: What do your kiddos normally eat for lunch?!?

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