Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Swap with Stacy from Not JUST a Housewife!

Today I'm over at Not JUST a Housewife....and you get the pleasure of meeting the awesome Stacy! After you "ooh" and "aah" over all of Stacy's awesome-ness {I mean seriously check out that stenciled ceiling}, hop over and say "HI" to me too:) And don't forget my SUPER cute Valentine Dish Towels giveaway ends tonight, so get in those extra entries!
Hi! I'm Stacy from Not JUST A Housewife and I am so excited to be swapping with Kelli today!!! I just recently found her site and fell in love! She has so many cute ideas. So thanks Kelli for letting me post here today :)

I am a stay at home mom to 4 little boys and I love it! It can be challenging being a stay at home mom and keeping my sanity though. Creating things and sharing them on my blog helps.Here are some of the things you can find on my blog.

I refinished this antique desk. You should see what it looked like before! I have a tutorial on how I did it HERE.

I needed more lighting in my front room but my hubby was unemployed at the time and I had zero budget for one. So I made this one out of scrap wood left over from other projects. Then I hand painted one of my designs on a lamp shade I had. I did have to buy a $10.00 lamp kit but I think it was worth the splurge! See the complete tutorial HERE.

With 4 busy boys I am always looking for fun activities to do with my kids. They love this felt face activity! I cut out a bunch of different noses, different eyes, mouths, etc and they can make their own faces however they want over and over. See how to make them HERE.

If I can't find the right fabric I just paint my own!

See how I fixed up our old bathroom for around $75.00!

I also recently stenciled my entire bedroom ceiling. It took 4 days because I had 49 million interuptions, but it was worth it. I love waking up to a pretty ceiling! You can see more picture and how I did it HERE. There is also a tutorial on how I made the Chandelier HERE
I host a linky party on Tuesdays called Show me what ya got! So come party with me on Tuesdays :)

I have an etsy shop called The Housewife Boutique, too. I recently added a ton of necklaces, hair clips and headbands.

You can visit my shop by clicking HERE.

I also sometimes chat about "mom" things like BABY WEIGHT, bad days, traditions, cleaning, etc. So come and visit me sometime at Not JUST A Housewife :)
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Buckets of Love

I mentioned a few weeks back that both Henry and Grant are escorting little girls in their elementary school pageant. Well apparently getting fun gifts at the pageant is half the I set out to find something fun for my two boys and their girls:) I've seen these cute clear paint buckets before in gift shops {and in our local gift shop that is sending gifts to the pageant}....but being the crafter that I am, I always think "I can make that for so much less than they are charging!"
So my quest for craftiness began {and ended} at Micheal's were I found these large buckets for $4.99 each. They also had a cute smaller size for around $3.
 I used my Cricut to cut a few initials and some small dots out of vinyl. {You could totally do this with scrapbook stickers if you don't have a cutting machine.} Then I filled the buckets with pretty shredded paper and some goodies: a teddy bear, an activity book, decorative pins, and just little bit of chocolate:)
 I decorated the top of the lid and tied a small ribbon on the washer attached to the handle. It took me a while to figure out that you use the washer to pop off the top of the bucket:)
 Here's another one using white vinyl. I think it kind of looks like a white M&M!
 And here is the boys' version...less colorful and no polka dots:) I think my boys will approve, especially since there will be a DS game tucked inside their buckets!
These would be SUPER cute for Valentine's Day full of fun heart shaped candy and toys with a pretty red or pink bow tied to the handle!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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