Friday, June 17, 2011

Our New Project

A few weeks ago Jason and I started talking about making a purchase. Actually I think I might have been the one that first brought it up, but Jason was excited by the idea immediately. We might have gotten a tiny bit obsessed on our quest for the perfect item: checking Craig's List & Ebay {everyday}, watching You Tube videos, and even shopping around a little. After a few weeks of research, we stumbled upon a really great deal....and we brought it home.
These three are SUPER excited about it!
Not only because it is really cool...
 ...but also because it means lots of time helping daddy!
 And did I mention how cool it is:)
Any guesses as to what our new project is?
I'll share a few more pictures one day next week, but right now I'm going to work on our patio redo that is taking forever to finish almost done!
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Two Left Feet

This is just a friendly warning that over the next few weeks, my blog may be
*more fluff than serious projects*
*more pictures of suntanned kids than pictures of Silhouette crafts*
*more days off than a consistant 5 day a week posting schedule*

Summer is in full swing here.
We've had beach trips, pool fun, slip n slides days, grilling, and chilling....but not a whole lot of crafting going on around my house. I am still working on our patio makeover, and we also just made our very first Craig's List purchase which is going to be a major project over the next few months {I'm planning to share some pics of that project tomorrow}. So basically, while I'm enjoying the summer with the kiddos, my blog will be on a bit of a crafting break:) I still plan to share about our summer with you, I'm just going to give my crafting mojo a chance to recharge!

So for now enjoy these pictures of a cute little boy who managed to make two left feet look cute!

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