Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Gave Into the Missoni Hype...A Little Late!

I know I am way behind the curve here considering most people were storming the doors of Target more than 3 weeks ago, but after quite a few trips past the {very small selection} of Missoni merchandise at my local Target I finally gave in. I bought a candle and a journal. I know big spender, right?!? 
 Honestly I just wasn't really a big fan of the majority of the stuff that I saw. A lot of the pieces seemed either way too retro or way too Southwestern for my taste. I will say that I LOVE the zig-zag {aka chevron}, but some of the the color combos just don't fit my style....except for the black and white {which is what I ended up buying}. 
 I did LOVE this bike, and these fun boots that my friend Carrie bought are SUPER cute too. There were a few other pieces that probably would have considered buying {like a scarf, a pair of flats, or some cute socks}, but when I finally decided that I desperately needed to have a least one Missoni piece to buy something, the pickin' were slim and the black and white things were all I could talk myself into buying. I do think that a lot of the little girl's stuff was cute....but little girl's clothes are never on my shopping list for some reason:)
For now, I am SUPER happy with my cute zig-zag candle that blends pretty well into my living room decor. It is black and white so it pretty much matches anything:) 
What do you think of the Missoni for Target it or loathe it?
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Caramel Apples

I've shared more than a few apple recipes on my blog over the years {Inside Out Caramel Apples, Apple Sandwiches, Sauteed Apples}. My apple recipes are sometimes created out of necessity because I buy way too many apples and then don't eat them before they start to get a little mushy. But last week I actually bought a ton of apples on make caramel apples for Grant's entire 1st grade class! Yes, when his teacher asked us parents to send in a fun apple treat last week, I didn't take the easy route and send apple chips or even a store bought apple pie. Nope, I decided to make 30 {yummy, gooey, peanut covered} caramel apples instead:) Crazy? Maybe a little bit, but they were really fun to make and even more fun to eat! And yes I made a few extra to keep at home:) Here's my step by step just in case you want to make some of these yummy treats:
Wash, dry, and insert sticks into apples. I put the sticks in the bottom of the apples because I found that they are a little more steady upside down:)
Open a ton of caramel squares. I used 3 14 oz bags of caramels and it was just about perfect to make 30 small-ish caramel apples.
Heat the caramel according to the package instructions, and then dip the apples in the warm caramel.
Add chopped peanuts to the dipped apple.
Place the apples on wax paper to cool and then enjoy...or send 27 of them to school:)
Have you ever made caramel apples?
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