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Friday, March 4, 2011

A Little Bit of Randomness for Friday

If you missed it yesterday, I was over at Amanda's place doing a SUPER fun interview! Hop over, check it out, and leave some comment love it you have the time today!
Also don't forget to enter the giveaway from my new sponsor Say It On The Wall!
I have been in a major crafting slump lately. I honestly have barely stepped foot in my craft {aka dining} room in at least two weeks, and there are still remnants of Valentine's projects all over the table. I haven't had a whole lot of St. Patty's Day craft inspiration, but I do have some fun food ideas so stay tuned for those next week:)

Henry brought this paper home from school one day this week. His teacher thought it was interesting...I think it is a little weird! Can you imagine naming your kid Gum!?!

Grant lost another tooth last week bringing his totally up to 4! Apparently he is a bit of a anomaly because most 5 year old have only lost one or two teeth at this point! I honestly think he was just trying to keep up with Henry {who has also lost 4 teeth as of now}!
 Eli spent more than hour yesterday running around wearing Grant's old superhero cape saying "To the Rescue!" It was more than just a little cute:) First thing this morning he found the cape and insisted I tie it for him! I think maybe he needs one of his own, because Grant's has a big G on the back:)
I am going on a mission today to find a King Cake from Paul's Pastry Shop. They make the most wonderful King Cakes ever, but their store is close to two hours from us. I saw on their website that a few local stores are carrying their King Cakes this year, so Eli and I will be hitting up a few convenience stores today in hopes of finding our favorite cream cheese variety! If you've never had a King Cake you should check out their website....they ship anywhere in the U.S.!
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Carrie said...

Yummmm on the cake! I would be in search for that too! Those boys are just too cute! I love when they lose those top teeth :-) Emily has one growing in, but the other is still MIA, ha!

I have not been crafty much at all and I wish i had some motivation to make something...I even skimped on basically zero birthday party decorations this year...oh well ;-) That's why I enjoy visiting here, you have the best ideas!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Too cute. Gonna go check out your interview. I'll be posting a fun green jello next week:)

laxsupermom said...

Your boys are so adorable! Don't feel bad about the Valentine's crafting supplies, my mantel is still decked out for Valentines. When hubs asked about that, I responded, "It's always the season for love," but let's get real - it needs to be changed out. Thanks for sharing.

Darcie said...

Never have had a KingCake, but would sure try one. About being in a crafting slump...I have always been in one. ;-)
I think your son would make a cute, Gum. ;-)

Have a great weekend.

Kmama said...

So cute on the cape!!

Buddy has lost 8 teeth and he's only 6. They just keep falling out. His 9 year old cousin isn't impressed. ;-)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Gotta love a little boy in a cape! Natalie hasn't lost any teeth yet, but she has a few friends who have. I think she's jealous. ;) Good luck in the search for the perfect cake!

Thanks for sending some traffic my way. :) Hope your readers enjoy the interview. I thought it was fun! Might do something similar down the road with other bloggers!

Kara said...

My 6 year old hasn't lost one teeth yet and she's actually NOT looking forward to losing any!!!

Good luck finding the perfect cake!

CM said...

That swing pic is adorable! Love the freckles.

"Gum"...now if that isn't creative!

Joanna said...

Kelsie has lost 2 teeth already and she is 5. My oldest didn't start losing any until she was almost 7.

Crafts...I haven't even thought of anything fun to do. I am lacking creativity for sure.

I have never had a King Cake! We were at Publix last night and my husband pointed one out and said they had one at work and that it was good. Guess I should have gotten it!

Angie said...

Layla is so upset b/c ALL her friends are losing teeth, and she is not. She doesn't even have a loose one yet. I keep telling her, her time will come.

Kerri said...

You should be really sweet and send one to your sister, who will be missing Mardi Gras for the first time!!!

Unknown said...

What a great blog!

Thanks for visiting Carrigan's Joy; I'm your newest follower!!

Miller Racing Family said...

My crafting to do list keeps growing. Maybe it would help if I would start on it then it would be complete, lol.
Oh, we love King's Cake. Last year we had one sent to us in Mo. Worth every penny!

Michaela said...

Aw! How cute. I remember loosing my first tooth...I was terrified! Ha (:

More Than Words said...

I think that is pretty creative changing his name to Gum! And I love how he remembered to capitalize the "G." And why does every little boy have to have a cape??? I totally remember those days!!

Myya said...

Mmmm cake... what was I going to write, I got distracted. LOL. Eli looks sooooo cute in that cape. What a cute lil guy you've got! Crazy about Grant losing his teeth, Amira just turned 5 & not a loose tooth in sight. Oh & Gum... sure why not??? :)

mrs.shopper said...

thanks 4 following my blog. followed back. Mrs.shopper

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Your boys are adorable! I love the big, toothless smile!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Ok, so apparently my previous toothless comment is not universal. Now you're gonna have to remember he lost his teeth earlier than most kids. So beyond his years. LOL.

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