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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grand Canyon National Park: Day 4,5,and 6

I took quite a few pictures at the Grand Canyon. I guess seeing something that beautiful makes you want to take lots of pictures so you can remember it:) Sorry in advance for the picture overload!
We got to the Grand Canyon pretty late on day 4 so we didn't get to see much more than our campsite at Mather Campground. We got busy setting up camp so we could cook dinner and get a good night sleep!
 Eli was all smiles!
 The boys were SUPER excited about making it to our campsite. I have to say that this was one of my favorite places that we stayed on our whole trip. We didn't have power or water, but the site was HUGE and the boys had plenty of room to play without bothering other people. We were also pretty close to a bathroom without being too close which is always nice:)
 The next morning we headed straight to the Rim Trail to see the canyon...and it did not disappoint!

 After a long day of exploring the Rim Trail, we came back to our campsite for dinner: chicken kabobs and corn on the grill!
 The next morning we headed out for a hike below the rim of the canyon on the Bright Angel Trail. We knew that we probably wouldn't get too far...it's a tough hike and Eli is only three!
 It was beautiful seeing the canyon from a different perspective!
 We only made it down about a mile, but the views just kept getting better and better the farther down we went!
 The end of the trail for us...and then it was time to hike back up.
 We made it to the top!
Henry and Grant did really well....Eli not so much! He ended up getting a piggy back ride most of the way up from Jason and from me!
 While we were resting at the top of the trail, we got to see a caravan of mules coming up from the bottom of the canyon.
 We also saw a ton of wildlife while we were at the Grand Canyon. There were deer everywhere and we caught this baby elk eating leaves near the welcome center.
 On our last night, we headed to the rim to watch the sun set.

 I didn't get very many good picture of the canyon in the sunset {I think we were in the wrong place for great sunset pictures}, but I did a couple good shots of the boys with the sun shining on them.

 We LOVED our visit to the Grand Canyon! I think the boys would be ready to load up and head back right now if we asked them. We will be planning another trip when the boys are older so that we can hike even further and maybe even take a rafting trip on the Colorado River!

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Jessica said...

Love your pictures!! My husband and I are dreaming of this trip when our youngest is a bit older! :) It was fun seeing all of the things you did!

Kelli said...

Kelli your pictures are amazing. I can't even imagine if I was there in person to see those sights...just stunning!

Kelly said...

Amazing pictures! I can't wait to go there with my kids! LOVE the last three pics!!
Also, did you ever do a reveal of the inside of the Airstream?!

Foursons said...

Every picture had me oohing and ahhing. Beautiful! I so want to make it to the Grand Canyon one day. And your Airstream in the background of your photos makes them PERFECT.

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

Great GREAT pictures!!!

I remember when I saw the Grand Canyon the first (and only time)..I couldn't believe how BIG it was & how gorgeous!

Kmama said...

What great shots. The picture of the woman sitting on the rocks made me cringe. I don't like heights, and I realize it probably just looks like she's sitting on a very high ledge, but it still freaks me out.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Oh, thank you for taking us on a tour with you! I've never been to the Grand Canyon, but I'd love to see it someday. :) Great photos!!

GretchenP said...

wow great pics! hope you don't mind i'm pinning one to my 'need to be here someday' board :) (don't worry.. it's not one with your family in it) ;P looks so beautiful!!

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