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Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to School Apple Waffles

August means back to school time around here...and back to school time means I plenty of excuses to make fun foods and crafts for my boys and their classes! Apples are one of the first things I think about when I think about back to school, so I figured what would be a better back to school breakfast than apple waffles?!? The fun thing about these yummy Back to School Apple Waffles is that they not only look like an apple, but they {sort of} taste like on too!
Start with a waffle mix, two apples, red food coloring, and a handful of gummy worms. I also ended up using a pretzel for the stem but it didn't make it into the first picture:)
First peel and grate your apples. I used two Granny Smith apples because that is what we had, but you can use any kind and any amount that you would like.
Mix your waffle batter according to the directions on the box, then toss in the grated apple pieces.
Add in a pretty good amount of red food coloring and stir.
{I totally forget to take a picture after I added the red food coloring, so just pretend this is just a picture of waffle batter with red food coloring instead of being a picture of red and green batter from when I made Watermelon Waffles last year!}
After your waffle is cooked and cooled a little, you can add the fun embellishments to make it look like an apple. I added a broken piece of pretzel for the stem, a small piece of green gummy worm for the leaf, and then best part: a yummy gummy worm coming out of one of the waffle holes:)
So if you are looking for a fun and sort of healthy {remember all that grated apple we added} breakfast to whip up for your kiddos on the first day of school {or maybe the fourth day like us}, try out these yummy Back to School Apple Waffles!
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Kmama said...

That is just too cute. I swear you have a waffle for every occasion!

Kelli said...

And you even put apples inside...LOVE it! I'm sure that was super tasty. And I really need to go out and get a waffle iron.

Foursons said...

The worm is sooooo cute! I wonder if the teachers talk about you when they are placing the students in their classes for next year. "You're gonna love this mom" or "Definitely try to get this mom as room mom." :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Aaah, the worm is such a fun touch! Too cute, Kelli. :) Thanks for linking this up!

Lindsay Artsy-Fartsy Mama said...

As always, I love this!! So cute and fun! Thanks for the recipe, the worm is awesome!

I featured your waffles on my blog today, come check it out :)

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