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Monday, October 29, 2012

Monster Initial T-shirt for Halloween

I love making crafty shirts for my boys for the holidays. The only problem is that when I make their crafty shirts they're usually very holiday specific, which means once Halloween {or Valentine/St. Patrick's Day/Thanksgiving/Christmas} is over, they really don't wear their shirts again. So this year for Halloween I decided to try and make a shirt that was a little more generic so the boys could wear them longer...but the shirts still needed to be a little scary with some fun fall colors just to make use it really looked like a Halloween shirt too:)
I came up with these fun Monster Initial T-shirts and I think they are the perfect Halloween {but works the rest of the year} shirts...
 ...and I think Eli agrees:)
 Here is a close up of the shirt so you can kind of see what all I did to make it:
I started by printing out a big E in a bold font. Then I use it as a pattern to cut out a piece of black felt. After I had my felt E, I used the paper E to cut out the {SUPER cute} chevron fabric...but I made sure to cut the chevron E a little smaller so you can see the black felt E underneath it {I was going for a layered look}. Then I cut out some fun monster features {teeth, horns, spikes, and eyes|} using felt and other fun fabrics. I attached each feature to the big felt E with spray adhesive, then I sewed on the chevron E, then I finally attached the whole thing to the t-shirt with a little spray adhesive and a stitch around the outside edge.

And just in case you think that I forgot about my bigger monsters, here are Henry and Grant's Monster Initial T-shirts too:)

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Kelly said...

Too cute, love the idea!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

You are so creative, Kelli!! Love these. :)

Kelli W said...


Kim @ Too Much Time said...

These are so stinkin cute and my son sure wouldn't need the excuse of Halloween to wear it!If you have a sec, I would love for you to share at Get Schooled Saturday at Too Much Time On My Hands.

Rhiannon said...

such a great idea for boys! mine is ethan and loves all things dino, think i might do one like that for him. great tees! (pinning...)

greeneggs said...

So cute :) Pinning it

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