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Monday, March 11, 2013

Pallet Chicken Coop: Part Two

Things have been crazy busy around here. Between our attempts at starting a farm, my attempt at getting healthy, and all the things that the boys have had going on at school, I really haven't had any time to be creative or crafty! I seriously miss it...but sometimes everyday like comes first. Anyway, our chicken coop project is pretty much complete. The chickens are actually already living in it! These are some pics I took of the rest of our construction of the coop...I will try to add another post later this week with the run so that you can see the whole finished project. If you missed the first part you can check it out here: Pallet Chicken Coop: Part One. And I totally messed up on the name, so the first one says Pallet Chicken Coop and the second one says Project Chicken Coop....oops!
We used two glass front kitchen cabinet doors that we found at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for the front windows of the coop. Jason cut two holes out of the front of the coop to accommodate the windows.
We added some cozy nesting boxes inside for the when the chickens are ready to lay eggs. I read online that the chickens like for it to be private and dark, so I'm thinking about maybe adding some burlap curtains at some point...it just depends on how much poop they get on everything:)
We added a tin roof with some sheets of corrugated metal.
Jason installed the windows using the hinges that were already attached to the windows.

We added some access doors on the back side of the coop behind the nesting boxes so that it would be easy for the boys to gather eggs.
This is what it looks like with the doors closed.
A closer look at the nesting boxes.Jason added a door on the side of the coop so we can clean it out and access the food and water that he put underneath the coop.

After the whole coop was built with the pallets, we went back and filled in all the gapes with pieces of plywood from the inside. It was pretty easy to do and covering the gapes makes sure that the chickens will stay nice and warm. After we were finished assembling we added all the finishing touches.
I painted the whole coop with a mixture of lime and water...kind of like a whitewash effect. We added a door for the chickens to use made from a recycled kitchen door.
I painted the windows, doors, and some of the trim a bright yellow color. It was leftover from our patio project from a few years ago. 

I'll try to get one more shot of the finished project and share the other details that we added to the coop to make if really functional and hopefully really easy to maintain. 

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Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Wow!!! I think it looks so cool, Kelli. :) Love the yellow. My girls always get so excited to see their grandparents' chickens and to collect eggs. Except for the rooster, who scratched Michaela Byrd last time...he met with an untimely end.

Jamie M. said...

Your adorable chicken coop almost makes me want to have chickens, almost :).

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

That's impressive!

Myya said...

That looks amazing!

Unknown said...

This makes me want a chicken coop of my own. A little difficult here in Miami where I don't really have much of a yard, but it would fit right? LOL. Anyways, amazing job and love the yellow touches.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelli, you guys did a great job! I bet your girls love it. (I call my chickens my girls ;-) We live on a hobby farm with a small assort. of critters. I see you have three little farm hands. They are adorable. Have a great weekend! visiting from Serenity Now. Love, Wanda

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is SO cool. Chickens are in our five-year plan, so you bet your bippy that this is getting pinned for future inspiration. (Will Pinterest even be around in 5 years? Heck. We could be living on the moon by then.)

Great job! Love the yellow door. Stopping over from Serenity Now.

Kristina @ ReMadeSimple said...

Very nice! We are thinking about making our own chicken coop too-love that you repurposed pallets. Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Once we get to the country we will have chickens, I'll have to follow your instructions when that happens. Your coop came out awesome!

bridgett said...

Kelli, It is my dream in our next home to have a chicken coop and after seeing this I am just so inspired! You are doing an amazing job! SO glad I stumbled upon your space! Would love for you to share at the party! xo Bridgett


Toulouse said...

I have been searching for pallet coop plans as we have 30 pallets that came with roof tiles. Your plan is just what i was looking for! thanks so much:-) i'll post on my blog and link ack to you when I eventually get it done.
Donna in Toulouse SW France

Three Wolf Trading Co said...

I was just wondering how many chickens will fit in this coop, I want to make one! We have 9 hens that are laying and we will be adding in 9 more in the fall! And that is just the laying hens, we have many flocks of broilers through out the year! Anyway, I will need a larger coop and I plan on reusing the current coop materials in the new coop to cut down on the cost! Our 1st coop was $23, yep that is right $23! Almost everything was rescued from dump piles, even the tin roofing! It's not pretty but it does what we need it too!

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