Friday, March 27, 2009

So much to do... little initiative!


{one of four loads that needs to be folded and put up}

Dirty dishes

{that need to be put in the dishwasher}


{that I need to use to make the boys' Easter outfits}

My sister's dress

{that I need to alter for her to wear in a wedding}

What do you do to motivate yourself ?
{when you don't want to do the things that really need to be done}

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Emily said...

Hee hee. I have a mountain (literally) of clean clothes heaped on our bed. I just started the dishwasher, but still have a pile in the sink of dishes that wouldn't fit! I'm totally not crafty and/or talented enough to make my kids anything or alter go, girl!
It's rainy here and we've been playing freeze dance the vast majority of the day so I'm thinking at least I burned some calories off.

He And Me + 3 said...

Oh boy...I wait until the last minute and then go nonstop until all is finished. Sorry, no magic answer here. I procrastinate too.

heidi said...

Motivate? What is that?

Crud...I need to go change the laundry out and do the dishes. Why'd you hafta bring it up???

Honestly my biggest motivation is that if I don't do it, it's just going to get worse/harder/dirtier and I'll have that much more to do!

Shasta said...

Ah, that is my story right there!! Always so much to do and no motivation! The only thing I've found that helps me is to start everything as soon as I get up in the morning and I don't let myself near the computer, tv, or any place I may sit down until I'm finished with everything. The other thing I do that really helps is to make a list, so I have everything on paper and cross it off as I do it. Something about having it written down makes me want to get each thing done.

Kelli said...

At work I grab a Coke, put on a good CD and get to work. At home, I stay up too late :)

mama's smitten said...

Read Blogs!Then I feel that I am not alone!

Konnie said...

I am not one to ask, I have a tendencey to wait until the last minute and am running around like a mad woman to get it all done. HEHE!
We had the cable guy coming this morning and i had to clean all of the clean clothes off of the couch and put them up. I hope Isaac doesn't TRY! to open the closet door.HEHE!

Jennifer W. said...

Hmmm...I have several loads of clean clothes on my couch, and several of dirty ones in the laundry room and in various bathroom closets waiting to be washed. Laundry for 7 can be overwhelming! Not too many dishes to be washed, but there are many cheerios under Emmies chair and under the table that are waiting to be swept up...maybe I'll get to that know, after I do the clothes...and the dishes. Or maybe not... :)

godfrey said...

try chocolate! oh and duck tape for the boys.

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