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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Jedi Halloween

After a lot of cutting, sewing, and hot gluing  Jason and I finally finished the boys' Jedi Halloween costumes just in time for Trick or Treating. Eli went as Yoda with his cute green ears and his green spray painted shoes. Henry and Grant were both supposed to be generic Jedi Knights, but they insisted that they needed to be specific ones so Henry ended up being Obi Wan Kenobi and Grant was Anakin Skywalker.
I started to do a tutorial on how to make the boys robes, but I honestly can't remember if I took enough step by step pictures {maybe I can manage to get that posted next week}. 

The boys' Jedi costumes were actually pretty easy to put together. Their shirts are thermals from Walmart that I cut the cuffs off of. Henry and Grant are both wearing a pair of khaki school pants. Eli's pants are brown sweatpants from Walmart. The belts are the ones the boys wear to school:) I made all three Jedi robes from felt using this tutorial. I also made the sash things that Henry and Grant are wearing from the scraps of Eli's robe. Eli's shoes got a quick coat of spray paint. I made his Yoda hat from a half yard of green flannel material using the hood of one of his jackets as a pattern. Jason crafted Henry and Grant's boots from a couple old pair of shoes, a piece of fake leather, hot glue, and some brown tape.

We completed the boys' costumes with what else.... LIGHT-SABERS!
Eli as Yoda:
Grant as Anakin Skywalker:
Henry as Obi Wan Kenobi:
And an action shot just for fun:)

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yoda for Halloween, Eli is

**Just in case you weren't sure, the title of this post is Yoda speak for "Eli is Yoda for Halloween"**
{Both his brothers are going to be Jedi Knights, but they haven't worn their costumes so I don't pictures yet!}
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