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Monday, November 26, 2012

Pre-Thanksgiving Roadtrip: Fall Creek Falls State Park, TN

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we had plans to go see the Mississippi State Bulldogs play football one last time this season. Since the boys were out of school the whole week of Thanksgiving, we decided to extend our weekend football trip by a few days and take a short trip to Tennessee. I did a little research and found a wonderful State Park about an hour north of Chattanooga {and only about a 6 hour drive from Starkville}. So after the Bulldogs won against the Arkansas Razorbacks, we loaded up the Airstream and headed to Fall Creek Falls State Park.
The namesake falls from the top:
All of us after the hike down to the bottom of the falls:
 The boys had a great time hiking, biking, and exploring all over the beautiful park and campground.
 Two of our favorite places in the whole park were the suspension bridges that crossed over the creeks. I was a little nervous about them, but the boys LOVED them! And they were the perfect setting for some cute group pictures too:)

 This was my normal view for most of the hikes that we took...bringing up the rear and making sure that Eli stayed with the group!
**We had a wonderful time at Fall Creek Falls State Park**
The campground was wonderful {and pretty sparsely occupied since it's off season for camping}.

We saw a ton of deer everywhere.
We had a campfire every night with yummy s'mores & campfire cones.
The boys got slingshots for souvenirs and learned how to shoot acorns with them:)
I managed to get a couple photos of my wild boys so we will always remember our first camping trip in Tennessee!
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