Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Master Bedroom Redo: Halfway There

In June of this year, we will have been in our house for 7 years. And for the most part our house has stayed pretty much the same. We have added new pieces of furniture here and there. Jason made a few built-ins to make life with three kiddos a little more organized. Most of the rooms in our house have stayed the same colors that we painted when we first moved in....partly because we love the colors we choose and partly because our ten foot ceilings make repainting a major affair. 

However, as we get closer to the anniversary of our moving in I think I am starting to get the "7 Year Itch"! I have more than a few projects on my mind {including a playroom makeover, under stair storage, and a breakfast nook bench} BUT the major thing that I really want to redo right now is our master bedroom. Maybe it's because we just recently rearranged some furniture and added an armoire to our bedroom, or maybe it' because our old bedding was getting tired...either way, last week I set out to make a few changes in our master bedroom.
The before is not too terrible. I really like the color of our walls and the bedding was a great match....kind of neutral with just the right shade of turquoise in it. However, you can tell that our bedding has seen better days, and after at least four years of rough and tumble boys who think mommy and daddy's bed is a trampoline....it really needed to go. My dilemma when picking out new bedding was the fact that I knew Jason didn't want to repaint, and I really wanted to change up the color palette a little bit.
After finding this black and white bedding at Target, I decided that maybe adding in a little red was just the right way to change up the color in our room. I also worked on removing as much of the brown and tan colors as possible {like the lampshade}. I think the contrast between the walls and the bedding is too strong, so I still need to find some pillows to help incorporate the wall color onto the bed....and I think I need to add a little bit of red to the wall too. All in all I think I am off to a good start, but I am keeping all my packaging and receipts just in case I change my mind:)
So what do you think?!? Good change, or not so great?
I would love some suggestions on other ways to change up the room or specific fabrics or bedding that you think might look great in this space.
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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Very Boy Spring Break

Henry and Grant were on Spring Break last week. We have a big family vacation planned for August, so we didn't do a big trip for Spring Break....but we did spend two days of fun exploring not far from home. If I wasn't sure before, this trip definitely confirmed that I am majorly outnumbered by boys! Lets just say that the only girly part of our whole trip was the hour I got to spend in Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma!
We started our trip with a short drive to Mobile, Alabama to explore downtown. While I attempted to take some cute shots of the boys, they ran around chasing the poor squirrels.
 After seeing Bienville Square and the fountain, we headed to A&M Peanut Shop. This place has been around forever and I remember going to get fresh roasted peanuts when I was little. We let the boys look around and pick out a few sweets and we got a big bag of peanuts to share.
 We walked a little bit further through downtown and sat down to eat our warm peanuts...and feed a few to the birds and squirrels too:)
 We explore the recreated Fort Conde and the boys had a blast pretending to be trapped in the fort prison.
 We left downtown and went to a Five Rivers, a Delta Resource Center. We saw a ton of {gross and slimy} animals that live in the local wetland areas, and we even got to pet a skunk! Did you know that a skunks 'sprayer' can be removed?!? It's a good think because I don't think I would have been touch a skunk if not:)
After the nature preserve we went to Historic Blakely State Park. Inside the park is a preserved Civil War battlefield complete with Union and Confederate trenches and fortifications. The boys had a blast running around the old barracks while Jason and I read the history about the area.

 After exploring the battlefield, we went down to the waterfront and walked along a boardwalk over the marsh.
 The next day we got up bright and early and headed to the USS Alabama. We spent about three hours looking in every nook and cranny of the battleship from the engine room to the steering room. We climbed up and down at least 100 flights of steps and we even got to go inside of a submarine!
We had a great trip, but I'm pretty sure I earned myself a girl's day of pampering...and maybe even a pedicure:)
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Featured Friend Friday #3

Kelli asked if I would like to be featured at her Featured Friend Friday!!  
What? Who? Me?
 I was thrilled and honored immediately nervous about talking about myself :)
I love blabbing about others 
(totally not in the 'gossipy' way)
but I have a hard time yakking about myself.
BUT, in the event that someone cares to know.....here ya go!

I'm a (late) 30-something mama of 2 little ones.

The lizard (soon to be 5) and the ladybug (soon to be 3).

I started blogging last year.

Mainly it was my way to keep track of all the great ideas I see.

A way to organize all of the projects I wanted to try.

I'm a big fan of DIY'ing and I hope I inspire others to try diy'ing too.

A short list random facts:

I LOVE planning parties.

I hate letting people help me.

I eat candy in 2s.  (if there's one left, I won't eat it)

I run to old school rap music.

I am trying to teach myself graphic design


Most of my projects/crafts/messes are centered 
around the lizard & ladybug.  
Simple, easy and practical are my main requirements!  


The lizard started preschool this year

so I've had a good time with classroom treats and teacher's gifts.  
These treats were super easy.
(and basically free)


I am currently planning a combo Pirate Birthday Party.

(the lizard & ladybug have birthdays 4 days apart)
Here is the latest 'big' party we had.

(we ended up with 25 kids, I think).  
I love sending people home with goodies from a party!


Thanks for reading all about me.
(I hope it wasn't too much)
Come over to lizard & ladybug and follow along.  
I'd love to have you!

Staci thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us today! I've actually featured one of Staci's cute projects on my blog before HERE....she is just that creative! Be sure to hop over and give Staci a little comment love:)
Have a great weekend and don't forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway and the Kari Machal Designs giveaway.
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