Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet Potatoes

Lots and lots of sweet potatoes!
I bought this bag of sweet potatoes for $6 from a man selling them on the side of the road last week. I'm guessing there are probably close to 50 sweet potatoes in this brown bag that the man called "the small bag"....he was also selling a larger bag that had twice as many sweet potatoes in it! 

I came home with grand plans to make some yummy baked sweet potatoes and maybe some kind of pie, but my bag of sweet potatoes is still sitting untouched on the kitchen counter. We were out of town most of the weekend, and Jason has been working long hours...or at least those are the excuses that I tell myself when I start feeling bad for not cooking any of them yet:) Another reason I haven't cooked them is because it has been so hot here lately and sweet potatoes just seem like a cold weather kind of food to me. 

Luckily our temps dropped almost 40 degrees overnight on Tuesday and Jason is supposed to have normal work hours for the rest of  the no more excuses! I will make something with {at least a few of} my sweet potatoes, I'm just not sure what!?!

Do you have any great sweet potato recipes that your family loves? Please share them with me! I'm hoping to try out a few different recipes and blog about them next week.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jack O Lantern Waffles

What's more fun than colorful waffles? Colorful waffles that smile back at you of course! If you've been around my blog long you know that I have quite an obsession with FUN waffles, and today I'm sharing my newest fall waffle creation: 
To make these smiling waffles, all you need is a waffle mix of you choice, orange food coloring, and mini chocolate chips.
After you mix the batter according to the package directions, add a pretty good amount of orange food coloring {I always use Wilton gels because they make the color a lot more vibrant than liquid food coloring}.
Stir in the food coloring and add more as needed.... You want to make sure your jack o' lantern is a vibrant orange, not a pastel color.
After your batter is mixed up and you've got the perfect shade of orange, get your mini chocolate chips ready. I found it was easiest to pour them in a small bowl. That way I could scoop them up with a spoon and add them to my waffle batter quickly.
Pour the orange waffle batter onto your greased and heated waffle iron. Using a spoon {it gives you a little more control of the those crazy mini chips}, add the mini chocolate chips onto your waffle in the pattern of a jack o' lantern....eyes, nose, and big smiling mouth.
When your jack o' lantern waffle comes out of the waffle iron, it will be smiling back at you!
I had three hungry boys waiting for waffles so I didn't have a ton of time to decorate these after they came off the waffle iron, but you could add some green gummies to the top of the waffle as a stem and leaves to make them even more fun!

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