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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CSN Stores Table Ideas and More...

Lately, I've been thinking that maybe we need a new dining table.
Do you remember my post about my breakfast nook and all the great built-in benches that I was drooling over.I think that maybe we need a new table that fits the space better and will work well with a bench....but that means I have to find just the right table.

Enter CSN Stores.

Just about the time that I was thinking about getting a new table, I got an email from the awesome people at CSN Stores saying that I had been selected as a CSN Preferred Webmaster. How cool is that! And even more cool was that they wanted me to do a post including a few links to some dining tables!

I just couldn't say no to that!

Check out some of the awesome tables that can be found online at CSN Stores:

CSN Stores also carries a ton of other things in their 200+ stores...anything from:
SUPER cute rain boots
{which my youngest sister has been wanting forever}

to baby gear
{that we sadly don't need much of anymore}

to lamps!
{which my living room is in desperate need of}
One more great thing about being a CSN Preferred Webmaster is that I will get to share some great products and even do a few giveaways in the near future! Go check out all the great things that can be found at CSNStores.com!

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Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com said...

That's so fun!! I love that built in eating area! I made one for my kitchen last year with Ballard Designs benches. Those tables are great!!

Have a great day Kelli!


Kelli said...

I love that first table...and those rain boots :)

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I am surprised that they have so many neat table options! Very cool!!!

Kerri said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout-out Kelli! I really want/need some cute rain/snow boots!!! : )

Linds said...

I LOVE CSN stores! Their customer service is amazing. And those rain boots? I might need some of those :)

Anonymous said...

How cute! I love the built in bench. It looks so cozy. Have a great week!

Myya said...

Yay! Great finds, especially that lamp. Now that is cute!

Angie said...

Fun tables...I really need a center piece for my current breakfast room table. I may jump over to their website...I bet they have something :)

And Layla would LOVE Those boots...fun!

He & Me + 3 said...

I do love CSN. How cool for you that you get to do some more reviews.

Anonymous said...

Yay you're working with CSN....they are wonderful. I've shopped so much there, it's a great place!

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