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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Housekeeping is something I have been terrible at lately....with both my actual house and with my blog. So today, I'm trying to take care of a few things and hopefully get back on track.

The first thing I need to take care of is the giveaway that I hosted back before our trip to Disney that I never picked a winner for! I had actually forgotten about it in all the craziness of life until my little package came in the mail with some yummy Ragu sauce and $20:) So I used random.org to pick a winner from the 123 comments, and the winner is Mari! Congrats Mari! I have sent an email and she has 48 hours to respond.

Remember last week when I complained about needing a vacation from my vacation, and then I told you I was only 2/3 unpacked....well, I am still only 2/3 unpacked. I have one suitcase that just will not unpack itself, and I can't seem to make myself do it either. It is actually the suitcase that the kids' clean clothes got put in when we left Disney, along with a ton of other miscellaneous stuff. The miscellaneous stuff is the hardest to unpack because I have to figure out where all of it goes:)

Besides avoiding unpacking, I spent most of last week busy planning a birthday party for Grant and Eli. Grant turned 6 the week we were on vacation and Eli turned 3 yesterday. Instead of trying to cram two parties into two weeks, we had a joint pool party...in the middle of a tropical storm! I don't recommend trying to throw an outside birthday party when the wind is whipping and the rain is coming down in sheets, but that is exactly what we did...and the kids even got to get in the pool for a while when the rain and wind stopped for about an hour:)

Here are just a few pictures from the party:
Can I just tell you how much I love Photoshop. The day was all dreary and dark, but you can hardly tell that from the pictures once I increased the brightness of each photo just a little:)
 The lady at the bakery didn't quite get my vision for the boys' birthday cakes. I was thinking more clean and modern to go with the fun stripes and polka dots that were in the invites and other party decorations...she was apparently inspired by our weather. I ended up adding the gumballs around the edges of the cakes to add a little bit of fun and color. It worked out great and the kiddos loved that they got a piece {or two} of gum with their slice of cake:)

Grant and Eli both had a great time at their party and Eli even got the "big red blue bike" that he has been wanting for the past two months:)
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Kelli said...

Great pictures...I can't tell at all that it was gloomy.

I would absolutely be only 2/3 unpacked too if I was you...you have a lot going on.

Angie said...

Those cakes look so delicious! The more icing the better in my opinion.

Happy Birthday to your cute little men!

Kmama said...

I'm usually 2/3 unpacked until about a month after a vacation. ;-)

Good call on adding the gum balls. The cake looks good, but I'm trying to figure out just what the lady at the bakery was thinking when she decorated them??

The Mama said...

Great pictures! I love editing photos!!!

I too, am generally only 2/3 of the way unpacked from vacation for a few days, weeks, sometimes a month. Hard to get up the desire to unpack for sure!! And when I can just shove the suitcase into my closet, it's like it just disappears!

Foursons said...

Happy Birthday to Grant and Eli! They look very happy about their party. I'm guessing the rain didn't dampen their excitement.

I feel like I'm getting so far behind with all these summer posts. I'm still nowhere near finished with them. *sigh*

Darcie said...

I finally made it over. :-) Just in time, because your boys smiles just lite up my day! They are just wonderful! Their party theme was too cute. You got the crafty gene lady...I just got jeans. ;-) Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and don't work to hard...cleaning.

Joanna said...

It took forever to unpack from Disney and it was because of the misc stuff too. :-)

Great pictures...you would have never known that a tropical storm was hitting! I love photoshop and don't use it as much as I should.

Happy belated birthday to your boys!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Happy Birthday to Grant and Eli! You'd never know about the weather...wow! Quick thinking with the gum balls on the cake too!!

Anonymous said...

I love the cakes and shirts. Looks like a nice day from the photos. Happy birthday to both boys:)

Paula@SweetPea said...

Happy birthday to your two sweet boys. Love their cute shirts!

CM said...

Happy Birthday to your two boys! What a fun theme!

destiny said...

Cute party! I love that you used buckets for the food...great idea! I like their shirts!

heidi said...

Great job, as usual! Looks fantastic and your boys are getting so big!!!

Happy Birthdays to them both!!!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Happy Birthday, Grant and Eli! What a great party!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

Ok, how long has it been since I've visited you?!

Sorry to bombard you with all the comments but I just have something to to say about most of them.

Cute idea to serve the snacks in buckets.

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