Monday, October 15, 2012

Kid-Friendly Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie

What kid doesn't need to add more fruits and veggies into their diet?!? I try to serve up fruits and veggies with almost every meal {and yes I count pasta sauce as a veggie sometimes}, but sometimes it can be fun to mix things up a little! I've found one of the easiest way to get my boys to eat their fruits {and veggies can be mixed in to} is to turn them into a smoothie. Now, this isn't really a recipe, more like a list of ingredients that you can mix, match, and combine to make any kind of fruit and yogurt smoothie that your kiddos will love! 
 Start with yogurt in a food processor or blender.
Any kind of yogurt will do.
We use vanilla flavored yogurt, but plain, greek, and even homemade yogurt will work.
 Toss in a handful of frozen blueberries.
 Add some frozen strawberries.

{We like a lot of strawberries!}
The more frozen berries you use, the thicker your smoothie will be.

Cut up a fresh orange...
 ...and let your little helper squeeze in the juice.
You can also just a little bit of orange juice from a bottle if that is what you have on hand...or just leave it out!
At this point, you an add in any other kind of fruit {bananas are yummy in this smoothie}you like, and you can toss in some spinach to get a serving of veggies in the mix too! 
Then you put the lid on your food processor....
 ...and let your helper turn it on.
 Blend the ingredients for a few minutes to make sure all the frozen fruit is mixed in well, then serve your smoothie in a mason jar with a cute striped straw.
And full of good stuff!

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Amanda said...

So funny you posted this! The baby has been anti food lately so we gave smoothies a try this weekend with remarkable success. I have been using my emulsion blender to whip up baby strawberry yogurt with whole milk a banana and a tablespoon or so of Carnation instant breakfast. She LOVES them and I know she is at least DRINKING something healthy! Lol!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

I'm going to have to try this one with the kids...looks yummy!!

Richella said...

I love smoothies. . . but would you believe I've never tried making them at home?? I need to give your recipe a whirl!

CM said...

This is one of my go-to things to serve my boys! They love smoothies. I have a "Magic Bullet." It only makes about two kid size smoothies at once, but it's perfect for them. We also use frozen mangos, pineapple, and peaches. Target sells big bags of it. I also mix in a little honey and vanilla. Yum!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Can I just say that *I* want to drink that??! Forget the looks too delicious for them. ;)

Ros Teapot said...!!!! I have been scrolling down your blog and was utterly shocked at all the processed garbage you feed your children. At the rate their eating that junk, they'll get cancer or diabetes before you know it. How sad and tragic. With all the availability of information you should really research the horrible stuff you are actually, intentionally giving to your young ones. Supermom, not..... killermom, possibly.

Sarah Noel said...

We never do yogurt in smoothies here, but I have always felt they are lacking something. Now I know what!

Pretty pictures!

the Reverie blog

Dee said...

We love smoothies - these look great!

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