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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Goodbyns: Best Lunchboxes EVER!

After posting this really cute pictures of my boys on their first day of school yesterday...

I got more than a few questions about their lunchboxes. I actually posted about them when we first bought them a few years ago {you can check it out HERE}, but I figured since so many people were interested I would share again and include a little update on them.
I don't really remember how I stumbled upon their website more than a year ago, but it has made packing lunches for my boys so much easier and more fun!

Besides the cool factor {because if you get one of these people will constantly be telling you how cool your kid's lunchbox is}, my favorite part about the Goodbyn is that it makes packing healthy lunches quick and easy. For the first part of Kindergarten Henry had a regular old insulated lunch bag....and I was constantly throwing in prepackaged stuff. Not only is that way more expensive and not as healthy, it is also terrible for the environment! Since getting our Goodbyns my boys almost always have at least one serving of fruit and one serving of veggies in their lunchboxes...and very little trash to throw away after lunch!

I also love, love, love that the Goodbyn is dishwasher safe. I always wondered if I was really getting that little insulated bag of Henry's clean, but there is no question that your Goodbyn is clean after a run through the dishwasher:) I don't actually wash ours in the dishwasher every night though. Most nights I either rinse it out with warm soapy water or simply wipe it out with a wet rag if the boys didn't have anything messy for lunch that day.

After more than a year of use our Goodbyns are still going strong. We have had a few stickers fall off here and there, but that is to be expected when the boys take their lunch to school almost every day! That is also easily fixed with the extra stickers that I put somewhere that I can't remember in safe place to use when we needed them.

My only real complaint about our Goodbyns is that our cute drink holders aren't usable anymore...but that is mostly my fault. I accidentally left the boys drink bottles un-rinsed on the counter in our kitchen during one of the long weekends last year and some fun green stuff started growing in them. I tried cleaning them, but there was still some stubborn stuff stuck to the bottom. So instead of water or juice in their bottles, the last few months of school last year they took juice boxes instead. Not a big deal, but it does add to the trash factor and make packing lunches a little more expensive. I checked into buying new bottles, but back when I looked that wasn't an option on the Goodbyn website. Now they have the bottles for only $6.00 so I may be buying new bottles for my boys soon:)
I would definitely recommend the Goodbyn to anyone who is looking for a new lunchbox for their kiddos as the new school year start! The Original Goodbyn sells for around $26 and in my opinion is a really great deal. Henry used his Goodbyn for half of Kindergarten and all of 1st grade and I'm pretty sure I won't be buying him a new lunchbox until after 3rd or 4th grade! They also have a smaller version called the Goodbyn Bynto Kit that sells for around $17...though in my opinion the Original is your best bet for kiddos because you can pack a variety of things in their lunch....and none of the food touches:)

{The opinions in this post are my own. I was not compensated for this post, I just really love this product and wanted to share it with you since so many people asked about it! However if the people at Goodbyn would like to send over some new bottles for my boys or sponsor a giveaway for my readers I would be SUPER excited!}
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Birthday Wish List via Pinterest

So today is my birthday. For some reason birthdays just aren't a big deal for me, or at least my birthdays aren't! I love a good kids' party, but I'm pretty sure most people would think you were crazy if you had an all out birthday party bash for a 31 year old. So instead, I'll have a quiet day at home....and maybe even get to do a little crafting:) Jason is going to make dinner tonight and {even if I have to make it myself} we will have some kind of cake, mostly because I really like cake!

So in celebration of my birthday, I'm going to share some of my birthday wish list with you:) Most of these inspiration pictures are from Pinterest...if you are on Pinterest and you want to follow my boards click HERE!

I'm guessing it's not a surprise that I have a few DIY projects on my list:

 A few things for my craft room:

A new camera is on my "not this year, but a girl can still wish" list:)

Source: via Jeff on Pinterest

How yummy {and cute} is this cake! Perfect for any birthday!

I hope you had fun checking out my birthday wish list. Head over to Pinterest and check out all awesome inspiration that everyone else has been pinning!
Have a happy Tuesday:)
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Friday, August 7, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things {3}...

My favorite chocolate fix

I have seriously gone through {by myself} at least 5 jars of this stuff since the beginning of June. I bought a jar of it at the beginning of summer...thinking it would be okay, but probably not anything special. OH MY! Was I wrong! This stuff is SUPER delicious...though not really the best for my {not nearly small enough} waistline! I just finished off a jar today, and I think I am going to NOT buy another jar for a while! I need to get back on WW big time...which for me means eating a ton of Special K and apples!

My favorite summer t.v. show

This is a new show that comes on Lifetime. I thought it looked interesting, so I set the DVR to record the first episode a few weeks ago. It is actually pretty good...especially considering it is a Lifetime show and I'm not really a Lifetime kind of girl! This show is helping to fill the t.v. void that the summer has left since everything {and I mean everything} that I like to watch is either in reruns or not even on the air!

My favorite piece of furniture
My china cabinet

I got this china cabinet back in June for my anniversary, but I don't think I ever posted pictures of it! I am still SUPER excited that my wedding china finally has a place {after sitting in the boxes for 7 years}! Just in case you don't remember, Jason and I got this beauty at a Rooms 2 Go Outlet store for less than $400! The only thing wrong with it was a few scratches that a furniture marker took care of easily....and the exact same cabinet was sitting in the regular store with a price tag of $999!

My favorite song
Perfect People by Natalie Grant

Never let 'em see you when you're breaking

Never let 'em see you when you fall

That's how we live and that's how we try

Tell the world you've got it all together

Never let them see what's underneath

Cover it up with a crooked smile

But it only lasts for a little while

[CHORUS:]There's no such thing as perfect people

There's no such thing as a perfect life

So come as you are, broken and scarred

Lift up your heart and be amazed

And be changed by a perfect God

Suddenly it's like a weight is lifted

When you hear the words that you are loved

He knows where you are and where you've been

And you never have to go there again


Who lived and died to give new life

To heal our imperfections

So look up and see love.

Let grace be enough


By a perfect God [5x]

Be changed by a perfect God

Be changed


What are some of your favorite things?

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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things (2)....

Ultimate Blog Party 2009
I am participating in 5 Minutes for Mom's
Ultimate BLOG PARTY 2009!

I thought I would do another one of my Favorite things posts just to share a little about myself and what I am LOVING right now!


My Favorite Utensil

The Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispenser

This thing is SUPER DUPER amazing!

You put the baby food in the big {orange} end, twist on the spoon end, and then just squeeze the baby food out!

No holding the baby food container {which my boys always love to grab} so you have an extra hand to deter those grabby baby hands way from the spoon!

I got mine at Target for less than $10 and it is SO worth it!


My Favorite Pajamas

Matching Monster Pajamas

My mom bought the boys matching PJ's at Old Navy about a month ago.

I didn't think they would get to wear them anytime soon, because she got Eli a 12-18 months and I thought they would be too big for him.

I was WRONG!!
I put Eli's on one night this week and they fit him just fine.

The next morning, Henry and Grant came downstairs in the same PJ's!! {Jason puts them in the bed so I usually don't see what they are wearing until the morning}

They looks so cute in their matching pajamas that I had to take a few pictures before they went to bed last night!!


My Favorite New Gadget

Our new {RED} Dell Studio Laptop

Jason has been wanting to get a new laptop for a while, but I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on a new one when we had perfectly halfway decent good one already.

He finally talked me into it....and we really did need a new one {our old laptop is 6 years old and as loud as a marching band!!}.


My Favorite New Recipe

Cocoa Krispies Treats

I made these a couple of months ago and Jason and I LOVED them!!

They are great for curbing a major chocolate craving...especially if you don't have any chocolate in the house!

I {actually Jason made them this time because my wrists were hurting} made these earlier this week. You make them the same way that you make regular Rice Krispies Treats.

Butter, Marshmallows, and Cocoa Krispies

They are SUPER yummy and SUPER easy to make...though probably not SUPER good for my diet!


These are a few of my favorite things. Leave me comment and tell me about some of your favorite things!


Prizes I would chose for the Ultimate Blog Party 2009

#41 Necklace or locket from Elemental Memories

#22 $50 Target gift card from Beginner Baby Blog

#89 $100 gift card to Homegoods from HG Openhouse

others: 1, 19, 21, INTL 13, INTL 20, INTL 23, INTL 35, USC 11, USC 12, USC 45, USC 46 or anything else related to babies, young kids, or a blog makeover!

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Friday, February 27, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things...

My favorite new Christian music artist

Her music is AMAZING!!

Two of my most favorite songs right now are her songs:

"Free To Be Me" and "I'm Letting Go"

Go check out her website and listen to her amazing music!!

My favorite new movie

This was one of the most charming movies I have seen in a long time.
This movie was well written and the acting was wonderful. It has an amazing moral and is definetly worth watching!!

Go check out the Penelope website and watch the will love it!!

My favorite t.v. show

This show is almost undescribable.
Really. I don't think I can describe it!
I do know that it is an awesome show that keeps me in a constant state of confusion {which I love}.

Check out the wikipedia link and see what LOST is all about { since I obviously can't describe it for you}!

My favorite Bible verse

1 Samuel 1:27

"I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him."


What are some of your favorite things?
Leave me a comment and tell me about them!
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