Friday, January 16, 2009

My New Love!

He/She {we haven't decided if it is a girl or a boy} is not the most cuddly thing in my house, but it is definitely my new love!!

Roomba was an after Christmas present.....for everyone!

I have been requesting either Merry Maids or a Roomba for a while now, and after cleaning all the concrete floors for our New Years Eve Party, Jason obviously realized that my request wasn't as crazy as he had first assumed!

After a wonderful review from Morgan and Robbie, we decided to bite the bullet and buy Roomba! We got it on sale at Sears and got a pretty good deal!


I pushed the CLEAN button on Roomba before I left yesterday to get the boys' hair cut, and when we got home the granola bar crumbs were all cleaned up in the living room....the dust bunnies were gone from the hallway...and Roomba was back on the charger getting ready for another round of cleaning!

Now all we have to do is name him/her. Any suggestions?
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Andria said...

So funny! I have a Roomba post somewhere too. S/he was a godsend! However, she's been inactive for a few months because we can never seem to pick up stuff off the floor that s/he might get stuck on. We'd come home to fight his/her lifeless body under a bed or just plain out of sight! There's been many UNO card deaths by way of Roomba!

What was the Jetson's maid's name?

Andria said...

aha! Rosie!

stan said...

how much did u get it for at your side?

Shasta said...

Wow, that thing is just awesome! I want one!!

ShadowKazuni said...

I told you Roombas ROCK! Now I always wonder if the Scuba works that well...I don't know anyone who has one of those though. Glad you like your new addition so much. Don't you feel like you got a maid?

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