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Friday, January 23, 2009

SUPER Cute Kid Questions!

Lately, I have been leaving the T.V. on the Christian music station that our satellite plays {I think it is from Sirius/XM radio}. I overheard this conversation while Jason and the boys were playing in the living room one day this week.

Grant: "Is this Big Daddy Weeb?"
{referring to the Christian group Big Daddy
Weave, the boys favorite band since we saw
them play at Atlanta Fest last summer}
Jason: "No, it's Switchfoot."
Grant: "Is it big?
Jason: "No, this band's name is Switchfoot."
Grant: "But is it big?"
Henry: Bigfoot is a MONKEY.

I really wonder what they are thinking about in those little heads sometimes!!
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ShadowKazuni said...

That's too funny...Henry cracks me up!

Shasta said...

That's too cute! I love kid conversations! There are so many I wish I would have written down.

He & Me + 3 said...

Too funny! I love the conversations I have with my little ones...their memories and thinkers just amaze me. Sounds like you have amazing kids too! So cute. Found you through Shasta...I love your place...I will be back for sure.

godfrey said...

too cute!

collyn23 said...

sooo cute thanks for commented my on my site great blog love your articles

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