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Monday, June 29, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT enjoy a SUPER quiet week while Henry and Grant attended VBS at my mom's church. I did NOT enjoy the quiet of only having one very happy and content little boy at home for a big majority of the week! I did NOT take a few trips to Target, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart. I also did NOT think how much easier it is to only unload one child from my car when I have to get in and out a million times! This did NOT make me look forward to Kindergarten and Preschool starting in the fall!

I did NOT let my children eat Peanut Butter Cookies for breakfast one morning as we were rushing around trying to get to VBS on time! I always make my children a nutritious breakfast with all the food groups represented...and I would never just let the eat a bunch of sugar and call it a day!

I did NOT eat hot dogs {TWICE} this week! Hot dogs are kiddie food and I would never enjoy eating them twice in one week! I always eat healthy adult food like salads and veggies and hummus!

I am NOT majorly behind on laundry. I do NOT have two baskets full of clothes sitting in my laundry room waiting patiently to be folded! They have NOT been sitting there since last week when I decided that I was going to wash and put up everything while the boys were gone to VBS! I always follow through on my housework, and would NEVER put off doing laundry for that long!

We did NOT go swimming yesterday at the river. The boys did NOT have a great time playing and swimming and building sand castles. We {mostly me} did NOT end up bringing half of the sand from the river home with us in our bathing suits! And we did NOT all get just a little too much sun while we were having so much fun! My boys are NOT slowly turning into Coppertone Babies with better tans than me!

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Foursons said...

I do not love the peace and quiet at my house either and covet the moments when there is only one child so that the arguments and whining has disappeared because there is not reason for it.

I did not eat way to many cookies last weekend because I didn't want to share so I figured if I consumed them all I wouldn't have to worry about sharing!

{Kimber} said...

I'm so jealous of your closeness to the beach :)
I did not mention in my not me monday post that when I woke up all groggy at NOON that I was panicked and ran to check on the kids who I could NOT believe hadn't woke us up already--it was a great day!! :)
watch for your prize soon :)

Bethany @ Our 4 Sons Plus 1...Super Cute Girly Girl said...

Great post!! I think I ate a hot dog or 2 this week as well.

Your boys are so adorable...I'm "meeting" lots of Moms with 3 boys today- boys are the greatest!! But our little girl is pretty great, too!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Tracy said...

I know what you mean about only having one child around. Carter is at Ange's house for a few days and it is so quite around here.

Drahdrah said...

Great post ! Sounds like you enjoyed your "quieter" week.

Emily said...

what is it about tanning kids?? My kids are brown little indians! Yum! Peanut butter cookies! Hey, that's healthy...protien is a necessity!

Tina said...

Don't you hate it when the kids tan faster than you?! I'd just about kill for my daughter's skin tone, instead I'm just pasty white all year!

Oh, and don't get me started on laundry 'cuz I don't have two laundry baskets that need to be put away either!

Carrie said...

OH it's so nice to NOT have a little time to yourself :) Good for you for enjoying it...the laundry can always wait...that's what I always say! ha ha! Alex gets a great tan, too...it's just not fair! I still burn and look red, while he looks brown! Emily is like me, she's starting to tan and has little freckles on her face :)

He & Me + 3 said...

PB cookies are the best. Lots of protien.
We brough home half the beach the other day when we went.
Gotta love VBS.

More Than Words said...

LOL, oh my gosh, I've done the cookies in the morning too! At least they ate something, right?

OH...and when I only have one kid w/ me it feels like I could do everything and anything! And it's so nice and peaceful!

Miti said...

I agree with Mimi. Peanut butter cookies are justifiable. All that protein makes up for all the sugar. I see nothin' wrong with it, Kelli. You're good in my book. :o)

Miti said...

Oh yeah, I forgot. Shout has worked many miracles for me. But still, I had no hopes for my comforter. Shout proved me wrong, thank goodness!

Jennifer W. said...

Oh wow...I can't remember the last time I had just one at home!! Sounds like a great week!

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