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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

November Recap Via Instagram

I started the month by making spiderweb snacks for Henry's class.
Jason and I had a date night with Eli at Logans. He loves the peanuts:)
 I got see Chris Tomlin in concert! It was amazing!
 I made homemade red beans and rice for the first time.
 I worked on some cute Disney shirts for a friend's little girl.
 We played Headbanz while we waited for dinner to finish cooking.
 I voted...though I'm not really sure my vote actually counted since I don't live in one of the all important swing states!
 Eli disguised his turkey as Batman:)
 We had waffles for dinner.
 I did lots of laundry...as usual!
 Eli and I got caught in the rain at the park. We got a little wet:)
 We had a typical Monday afternoon of homework and more laundry.
 There were gorgeous blue skies and lovely weather.
 We shopped for our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.
 I made a fun cornucopia snack for the preschoolers at church.
 Henry had a field trip...
 ...and Grant had Thanksgiving lunch at school.
 We packed up our shoeboxes and the boys wrote letters to include in them.
 Eli got sick and we went to the doctor just to hear that it was a virus...that usually how it works:)
 We had yummy Shipley Donuts for breakfast in Starkville.
 The boys covered themselves in maroon in preparation for the Mississippi State game:)
 Eli's first Bulldog football game!
 We headed north to TN for a little pre-Thanksgiving trip.
 We did lots of hiking at Fall Creek Falls State Park.
 The boys favorite part of the state park:
 We visited a {kinda creepy} Indian Village Trading Post...
 ...and an apple orchard {where we didn't actually get to pick apples}.
 This sight means we are getting close to home:
 The one and only picture I took on Thanksgiving day was of the LONG line waiting outside Target! I guess I was too busy eating turkey to take pictures of the rest of the day:)
 The boys played with some of the boy cousins. Army men of course!
 We fed our friends' chickens while they were out of town for Thanksgiving.
 We spent another Saturday morning eating yummy donuts:)

The boys helped me make an apple pie with the apples that we got in TN.
 Impressive lattice crust:)
 Eli took his new stuffed bulldog Bully to preschool for show and tell. He made sure to buckle him up in the car!
 We went and picked out our Christmas tree...in November! That never happens around here! We almost always wait until at least the first weekend in December!
 I also wrapped two presents in NOVEMBER which never happens around here either:)
 I ended the month with some happy mail from my sweet friend Kelli {who BTW hasn't blogged in a long time and I miss it}! Don't you love getting happy mail!

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Angie said...

I miss Kelli's blogging too!!

Ok...the spider web pretzel things are CUTE!! I love Shipleys and we all want that game Headbands. IT is on our Christmas list this year!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam & Dylan Too said...

Another great month! You inspired me to do the same in October!

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