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Monday, December 17, 2012

Thoughts about Friday

I worked on a couple different projects this weekend...and I had intended to share one of them with you this morning. But when I opened up my blogger dashboard, I saw that quite a few bloggers are taking the day to remember the victims of the horrible event that took place in Connecticut on Friday...so I decided to share my thoughts and feelings instead of a crafty post today. 

When I first heard the news, I was mostly in shock that another shooting had taken place. It seems like this kind of stuff is happening more and more often lately! I {probably like most of you} started trying to find out a little bit of information and completely forgot what had and was going on during the day for me. I read, and tried to hold back tears thinking of all the innocent lives that were lost in just a few minutes. So unthinkable!

It also made me think of my own kids...made me wonder if it was possible that something like this could happen to them. Because you know that not a single parent in Newtown ever in a million years thought that something like this would happen to their kids, their school, their community! I went on about my day with a heavy heart. 

The strange things is, I was at Grant's school at almost the exact same time that these horrible things were happening, and it took me almost two days to realize it. I don't know why...maybe I was blocking out the what ifs. Because really what if...what if this had happened at my kids' school. What if I had been at their school working on a fun activity with Grant's WINGS class just like I was on Friday. What if some crazed man came into the school with a gun. It's hard to think about the what ifs.

I just happened to be at the school that day, but my mind keeps going back to all the teachers that are at school everyday. I know that their minds must be full of what ifs. Because you really don't know how you would react in a situation so terrible. I am heartbroken to hear about the teachers who lost their lives trying to save their students, but I am also so proud of them! To know that they were willing to lose their lives for their students makes me smile, even though I'm crying that they had to make that terrible choice.

I will be thinking and praying for the families that lost their precious children this week as they have to do what no parent ever wants to do.  

**I'll leave you with a few pictures of what I was doing on Friday: making marshmallow snowmen with Grant's WINGS class. Oblivious to the evil things that were going on...just enjoying spending time with some really smart and sweet kids!**

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