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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Popcorn Snowballs

A couple of days ago, I was honored to share a fun and easy recipe as part of the awesome blog series "A Season of Serenity at Home" over at my friend Amanda's blog Serenity Now. And just in case you missed it over there, I'm re-sharing it here so you can all make these fun popcorn snowballs with your kiddos!

Snow is a rare thing where I live. I've seen snow at my home three times in my 30 plus years living in South Mississippi. And it can sometimes be difficult to get into the holiday spirit when it's 70 degrees outside and everyone is wearing flip flops:) So I decided that since my boys rarely get to play with real snowballs, it might be fun to make some edible Popcorn Snowballs instead!
I started by gathering my ingredients: two bags of microwave popcorn, a 16 oz bag of mini marshmallows, half a stick of butter, some flake coconut, and some white sugar sprinkles.
First pop your two bags of popcorn and put them in the biggest bowl you have. I ended up using the top to my cake keeper because it was bigger than any of my bowls:) After the popcorn cools a little dig through and pick out any of the popcorn kernels that didn't pop. I learned the hard way that unpopped kernels in your popcorn snowballs is no fun!
Melt your butter over medium heat...
...add your bag of mini marshmallows and stir until they are completely melted.
Poor the melted butter/marshmallow mixture on top of the popcorn.
Then stir, stir, stir! Mix it until all the popcorn has been coated in the marshmallow. Then let it cool for about 5 minutes.
While the mixture is cooling give each of your kiddos a piece of parchment paper and spray their hands with a little bit of cooking spray.
Carefully scoop up some of the mixture and give it to your kiddo. Let them use their hands to form the popcorn mixture into a snowball. At this point you can have plain popcorn snowballs....
...or you can make them fancy by rolling them in flake coconut...
...or white sugar sprinkles!
These were really fun to make, and {other than the messy bowl and a few messy fingers} they were really easy to make too! Now my boys can enjoy snowballs in the winter anytime they want....even if it's 70 degrees outside and we're wearing flip flops!
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Kelli said...

Popcorn balls are one of my favorite things!!! YUM! Pam on the hands...genius!

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Those look great! We don't get a LOT of snow. But almost every year we get at least a dusting. Y'all need to come here for a visit! :)

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