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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Pictures....

It {only} took two trips for us to get some really great Christmas pictures....The first visit went okay, but not great. The second visit {after a few tears were shed} went wonderfully. We got a really good picture of all three boys in their Christmas outfits, and we got a really cute picture that is a little quirky. Even though our first trip was not very good, overall I am very happy with the pictures that we ended up with. I thought I would post my favorite.

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1 comment:

Andria said...

Hi Kelli! Thanks for the comments on my blog. Your boys are SUPER adorable! Way to go SuperMom! I feel ya on the "exhaustion" part. LOL.

I couldn't reply back to you via email... so I'm here now and I'll be back to see more of your talent here.

Our Disney countdown has been a long one! - since we're on the Disneyland side of the US, going to Disney World took a LOT of planning. Anyway, for the Mickey heads, I used a die-cut for the big circle (a tool my mom had) and for the ears I used one of the boys' Happy Meal toys that was a cylindrical container. LOL. It was what I first grabbed. You could also use a cookie cutter or glass to create your circles. I spent many a "Dancing with the Stars" episodes cutting those darn things. So I glued ears on each circle, then stapled each to each other, alternating ears. Hint: I penciled in the Day (number) of the month at the bottom center of the big circle, which gets covered, so that we could be sure only THAT Mickey gets pulled for that day. Otherwise, we'd be recounting heads to be sure we didn't miss any or pulled too many. Make sense?

Okay, this has to be the longest comment! You are going to have a blast with your boys I'm sure!

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