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Thursday, December 4, 2008

In a crafty kind of mood!

When I get started sewing and crafting, I find myself in a crafty kind of mood and start doing {and wanting to do} a lot of different projects. I almost finished the boys' outfits today....but I am still putting off attaching the buttons {I really hate them that much}. So instead I decided to make Henry and Grant a Christmas shirt to wear to the holiday parades and other festivities that we are going to in the next few weeks. Two shirts probably only took an hour and half....and that was while all three of the boys were awake!! I kind of had an idea in my head, but they didn't really come together until I got out the spray adhesive and starting putting the trees on the shirts. This is how they came out:
Pretty cute if I do say so myself!!
Before I added the tree trunks, I ask Henry what the shirts looked like. His first answer was pyramids. I added the star to the top of the tree and he said triangles and then he guessed a castle. After I added the trunks he said "Ohhh, Christmas trees...hahaha." Grant's only guess was a castle but I think that was just him copying Henry. I think they turned out really well and look just like little Christmas trees. I guess the boys may be wearing "castle shirts" at the Christmas parade on Saturday!! Oh, well at least they will look cute anyway!

Also, I figured I would post a picture of Eli being cute in his overalls since I didn't make him a Christmas shirt! He has baby's first Christmas shirt that he is going to wear instead.
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