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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Updated Sweet Dr. Seuss Snack: aka Candy Green Eggs

For the last few weeks, my post {Sweet Dr. Seuss Snack} has been SUPER popular. I'm guessing that everyone is getting ready to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday tomorrow and they are looking for ideas. Honestly that treat was one of the easier and cutest things that I've ever made for the boys to take to school. And as cute as they were, I have to admit that it kind of bugged me that the little green M&M wasn't really proportionate to the white of the egg....still cute, but not really perfect {I have confessed my slight OCD here before haven't I}. Anyway, this year I decided to give those cute Sweet Dr. Seuss Snacks a retry before I sent them {all 50 of them!} off to school with the boys. Here's what I came up with....basically the same technique with just a little something extra:)
Start with white candy melts, green candy melts, and regular sized marshmallows.
Use your {very clean} kitchen scissors to cut each marshmallow in half. Actually you could probably get away with cutting them into thirds and it still looking great, but I did halves here.
Dip each marshmallow piece into your melted green candy melts then tap off any excess.
Place them on foil to harden.
While you wait, heat up your white candy melts and pour it into a squeeze bottle. You can draw your egg shapes free hand or print out a shape to trace. I printed the same one I used last year....click over here for a step by step if you need it.
Draw out your egg shapes, then place one of the green marshmallows on top before the white starts to harden.
I think they turned out really cute and I am much happier with the proportion of the green to the white this year:) I also got the best seal of approval ever from this little guy who got to sample the first one...and quickly devoured the whole thing in 2.4 seconds!
Check back tomorrow for two more fun treat to celebrate Dr. Seuss!
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More Than Words said...

Wow!! That is so cool and creative!!! I miss seeing all your crafts!!!!

Kelli said...

How cool are those?!?! I know the kids at school must LOVE you :)

Anonymous said...

Those are neat and fun!!

Stephanie said...

This is such a cool idea! Looks yummy too!

Anonymous said...

I did your craft this morning and it was so easy! I had to do the "original" method with the m&m just because it's what I had on hand. Came out adorable...linked to you in my post. Thanks for sharing!

staci @ lizard n ladybug said...

These are so so cute!!
And I'm like you, it would have bothered me too :)

Janny said...

That looks like the tastiest green eggs I've ever seen!

Paula@SweetPea said...

What a cute idea! I know the kids loved this treat to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Erin said...

Totally fun! These green eggs my kids would eat =o)

Unknown said...

firstly that is one cute taste tester! Secondly I think this is adorable, how fun.

Jamie said...

This is absolutely amazing!!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I'm going to have to try marshmallows next year!

BTW, I made a similar thing to the ones you did last year for SKB #2's kindergarten class and the LOVED them! So did the teachers. :)

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